Straight line to create a 90 square meter decorate

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The owner of the house requires the interior to be clean and modern. The designer has made great innovations in the collocation of building materials and furniture, which not only keeps the comfort and warmth of the room, but also makes the space luxurious and bright. Our bedroom. The sunshine began to overflow, the colors began to be bright, and the atmosphere began to be fresh. Today, the overseas family brought by Xiaobian is such a home, a beautiful home with fresh, simple and colorful

the overflowing sunshine brings the first ray of sunshine in the morning through the wide window, which makes this spacious guest restaurant very fresh. First, let's take a look at the restaurant. The very modern and simple table and dining chair design, and the chandelier on it is very beautiful, which makes this space look very vivid

Yi Jun lighting

the floor of the living room decoration design is very beautiful, with deep and shallow patterns with wavy lines, and good texture. In the corner of the restaurant, an orange decorative painting adds more colors there

Lihao sofa

I like this fabric sofa very much. The white appearance is very neat, and the cushion on it looks very warm. There is also a comfortable footstool, which looks very good. The tea table in front of the sofa has a sense of design and features

the bookcase in the study feels very good. There is a lot of space to use with books on the top and a storage cabinet below. The single sofa in front of the bookshelf feels very good. The patterns on it are very beautiful

Bofei home decoration

the wallpaper next to the restaurant is very beautiful. The branches with yellow graceful lines have the most beautiful radians. It's really good to put them there. The side cabinet in the corner is very practical, and Lily is thriving there

Columbus wallpaper

in addition, the front and back transparent personalized storage rack can not only play a role of partition, but also a good helper for storage. Considering your own interests and hobbies, there will be a culture and art home with contemporary cultural characteristics that is most suitable for your personality, presented in front of you




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