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Precautions for work at heights in building construction

work at heights in buildings is a process with many hazards and high risks in engineering construction. According to relevant data, about 50% of safety accidents in building construction are caused by falling from height or related to work at height. Therefore, it is very important to do a good job in safety protection, safety management and safety supervision of work at heights. For work at heights, corresponding safety protection measures for gbt8363 (1) 987 ferrite steel drop weight tear test method shall be formulated and strictly implemented in combination with the characteristics of the project and the surrounding environment of the project under construction. In my opinion, the following points should be paid attention to in the high place operation of building construction:

(1) the construction organization design and construction scheme prepared at the commencement of each project should be included in the various safety technical measures related to the high place operation of the project, so as to predict the hazard sources and prevent them from happening. Ground operation shall be adopted as far as possible to reduce various high-altitude operations

(2) the safety technical problems of work at heights cover a wide range. There are not only general requirements, such as setting safety signs, hanging safety signs, safety equality, but also various special safety protection measures. During construction, the safety protection measures shall be strictly implemented, the principle of people-oriented shall be adhered to, and the operation can only be carried out on the premise of ensuring the safety of construction personnel

(3) operators of special types of work at heights generally need to have a physical examination once a year. Personnel suffering from heart disease, hypertension, psychosis, epilepsy and other diseases who are not suitable for working at heights shall not be arranged to engage in this operation

(4) the personnel working at heights shall dress flexibly, but shall not be naked. Wear soft soled anti-skid shoes at your feet. Never wear slippers, hard soled shoes or spiked slippers. During operation, all safety operation procedures and labor disciplines shall be strictly observed, and the principle of not harming others, not harming yourself and not being harmed by others shall be adhered to to to ensure safe production

(5) climbing and hanging operations (such as scaffolders, structural installers, etc.) are quite dangerous. Therefore, the permit document indicates that PCU is bionate-s. such personnel should pass training and examination, obtain the operation certificate of operators for special types of work, and carry out regular training and safety knowledge updating education

(6) materials used in high place operation shall be stacked stably, and shall not be placed near the edge or hole, nor shall it prevent the safe communication from realizing electromagnetic adjustment, intelligent sensing, 0 ⑶ 60 degree arbitrary twists and turns, and be compatible with the human body. The walkways, passage boards and climbing tools during operation shall be cleaned at any time. The disassembled objects, surplus materials and waste materials shall be cleaned in time and transported away in time if they reach the accuracy of 1%, and shall not be arbitrarily placed or discarded downward. Objects cannot be thrown when passing. In each construction site, any materials that may fall shall be removed first to prevent falling injury

(7) if any defect or hidden danger is found in the safety facilities for work at heights during construction, it must be handled immediately. For the hidden danger endangering personal safety, the operation shall be stopped immediately and rectification shall be carried out. All safety protection facilities and safety signs shall not be moved or removed by anyone without authorization. If it is necessary to dismantle or move some parts due to construction needs, they can only be dismantled and moved with the consent of the construction director, and they can be restored after the work is completed

(8) the constructors shall complete the procedure handover procedures for each type of work. Different types of work have different hazard sources in the construction. The constructors shall make safety technical disclosure to the workers according to different types of work, resolutely implement the principle of "production must be in charge of safety", and ensure the safety in the production process

(9) during the main construction of the project under construction, the external scaffold must be synchronized with the main construction, and the external scaffold must exceed the operating surface by 1.2m. During the decoration construction, the safety inspection and maintenance of the external scaffold shall be strengthened, and the falling objects on the external scaffold shall be cleaned in time to avoid injury caused by falling objects

in a word, construction work at heights is a high-risk operation. On the construction site, only by doing a good job in safety management, safety supervision, safety prevention, etc. of work at heights, we believe that the occurrence of safety accidents should be greatly reduced, and provide workers with a safe working environment, can we improve efficiency and safe production

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