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Notes on mixing old and new software in the Feiteng typesetting system

you can ask a computer software professional to help you check and troubleshoot

the typesetting system uses Feiteng software, but the back-end publishing system has not been upgraded, and it is still the old PSP 31. This situation is very common in the tabloid press

. Because it is expensive to upgrade from PSP 31 to PSP NT, for economic reasons, many tabloids have mixed PSP 31 with the old and new versions of Feiteng software. Due to the great difference between Feiteng and Weisi, attention must be paid to the following aspects when mixing:

1. PSP 31 generally works on windows 3 X, while Feiteng runs under Windows 9x, and the platforms are different. It is more troublesome to connect the

machines. It is best to set it to "windows friendly login"

2 ﹐ the download attribute must be set for the system font and compliance Library in Feiteng, otherwise it cannot be output on PSP 31

3 3 3 3 3 the debugging method of shifting the instrument circuit in the Feiteng environment setting, "founder PSP 31 grid processor" must be selected, otherwise it cannot be output normally

4 it is best to use all the pictures called in Feiteng Compared with traditional modified plastics, TIF format is the most standard and has the best compatibility. In particular, do not mix

Jpg and TIF format to avoid "serious error" in PSP 31 output

5 ﹐ if the local area is not very stable, it is better not to directly discharge the pictures of

on the upper neighbor (other computers) in the soaring, but to copy the pictures to the local hard disk before discharging

6 ﹐ PSP 31 does not support spot color. When using Feiteng color newspaper, do not select spot color 2. Metal material experimental instrument;, Otherwise, an error will be reported

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