Precautions for installation of thermal power vess

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Precautions for capacitor installation

1 when installing electrical vessels to make accurate research and judgment, the wiring of each capacitor should preferably be connected to the bus with a separate flexible wire instead of a hard bus, so as to prevent oil leakage caused by damage of capacitor bushing and seal damage caused by assembly stress

2 any bad contact in the capacitor circuit may cause high-frequency oscillating arc, increase the working electric field strength and heat of the capacitor and cause early damage. Therefore, good contact between the electrical circuit and the grounding part must be maintained during installation

3 when the capacitor with lower voltage level operates in the network with higher voltage level after being connected in series, the shell of each unit shall be reliably insulated from the ground by adding insulators equivalent to the operating voltage level

4 after the capacitor is star connected, it is used for the higher rated voltage. When the neutral point is not grounded, the shell of the capacitor shall be insulated from the ground

5 before the capacitor is installed, the primary capacitance shall be distributed to make its phase to phase balance, and the deviation shall not exceed 5% of the total capacity. When the relay protection device is installed, the requirement that the balance current error during operation shall not exceed the relay protection action current shall be met

6 the wiring of individual compensation capacitors shall meet the following requirements: for induction motors started directly or through rheostat, the capacitance for improving power factor can be directly connected with the outgoing terminal of the motor, and no switchgear or fuse shall be installed between them; As for the induction motor started by star delta starter, which is still at a low price for scrap steel purchased by the steel mining plant, the objective of this study is to develop carbon fiber with significantly increased elongation and optimized surface structure, which is suitable for the existing sizing system. It is best to use three single-phase capacitors, each of which is directly connected in parallel to the two terminals of each phase winding, so that the wiring of the capacitor is always consistent with the winding connection method

7 the group compensation low-voltage capacitor should be connected to the outside of the low-voltage group bus power switch to prevent self excitation when the group bus switch is disconnected

8 the low-voltage capacitor bank with centralized compensation shall be equipped with a special switch and installed outside the main switch instead of on the low-voltage bus

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