Precautions for plate making of the hottest label

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Notes for label printing plate making

for labels printed with flexo, the graphics and text are mainly field, line, text, etc., and most of the printing materials used are paper, aluminum foil, plastic film, self-adhesive, etc. When printing absorbent substrate materials with water-soluble or solvent-based inks, the materials will swell after drying with infrared hot air, which will affect the overprint accuracy. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful when considering the printing color sequence to avoid such problems

the color plate with large area of field should be printed in the back unit as far as possible, because the substrate absorbs a large amount of ink and then goes through infrared drying, the pumping change of the field unit is naturally larger than that of other units, and has a great impact on the overprint process. If such units are printed behind the words and lines, it will more or less bring a positive impact on the overprint. If the field part must be printed in the front color deck, it can be consciously compensated in the up and down direction. The product potential is less than that of the foreign advanced experimental machine. It adopts precision force sensor, with microcomputer processing, high-precision photoelectric switch for displacement positioning, measurement speed selection, manual and automatic measurement selection, overload safety protection, and the results are displayed with digital display and micro printer, with high measurement accuracy, accurate positioning It is easy to operate and can be excavated to make up for the loss caused by the pumping of printing materials, making the overprint appearance more accurate

add simple attachment 1. trapping

when making flexo, a certain amount of trapping is conducive to printing registration, provided that the trapping size is appropriate. Trapping is set too small or no trapping treatment will cause poor registration (white leakage) in printing; If trapping is set too large, a large outline will appear at the edge of the printed product, which will affect the visual effect and the overall effect of the label

2. layout design

due to flexo printing basically uses web paper for printing, especially the application of seamless sleeve technology, which greatly saves paper. However, some flexo printing machines can not realize online die cutting, and they still need to go through subsequent processing (cutting, etc.) to produce finished products. Therefore, when designing the layout, we should fully consider leaving sufficient margin for subsequent processing, The paper saving rate should not be considered unilaterally and the qualification rate of subsequent processing should not be ignored

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