Precautions for minimizing paper waste

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Precautions for reducing paper waste

how can web offset printers reduce paper waste? In response to this problem, we asked the printing press manufacturers, industry consultants and printing plant managers to share their views. They put forward a total of 10 points for attention

the contents are as follows:

1. detailed records

"many printing houses do not record the waste of paper in detail, or do not record it at all. We are surprised," Mr. lamparter said. "You should start to record the printing paper after you buy it, and track and understand the paper usage, waste paper and waste paper disposal. This is a simple statistical management of materials. If there is no benchmark, no effective management plan will be developed to reduce paper waste."

tom hardy of prograph management system manufacturing company said: "the printer should have a detailed account of waste paper and track the disposal of waste paper. The printer should know the total amount of waste paper and the reasons for waste, such as web paper breakage, blanket cleaning solution and mechanical failure."

solution: make full use of the printing equipment management software, cooperate with the web paper supplier, effectively use the electronic data exchange system, track and understand the paper feeding of each paper roll on the printing machine, report the problems found to the paper mill, and the counting system should operate normally

2. help employees raise awareness

do not ignore the importance of skilled workers in the printing workshop. Mr. Daniel Clarke, director of the printing workshop of Rochester Institute of technology, said: "we must master the basic knowledge of lithography." While praising the stable and convenient advantages of the automatic version loading device and the black door pre adjustment device, Mr. Clarke also warned that the printer operators may place too much trust in the machine, "what if the machine breaks down?" He asked. "We still need to master some basic printing techniques." Mr. bill orndorff, head of printing consumables Department of Perry Judds company (Strasbourg, VA), said: "employees should be made aware of the value of paper and how much damage a 1/4 inch scratch will cause. A rubber sized eyelet can destroy 70-100 pounds of web paper of different widths."

mr. ferry Choate, equipment manager of Banta Publishing Group (Greenfield, Mo), added: "We mobilized our employees to offer suggestions. We said to them, 'last year, we prepared for the machine adjustment like that. This year, we intend to prepare for the machine adjustment like this.' we asked them for their opinions. Banta Publishing Group held a seminar to explain the changes in production procedures to the employees, and the management personnel went deep into the printing workshop for mobilization management.

solution: write down all the preparation steps for the machine adjustment, and record the machine adjustment preparation with a video recorder Cheng, take a look at the improvements. We should pay attention to the inspection of all links of live parts before shutdown. The most important thing is to let employees understand that quality problems can not be emphasized for a while. They should always focus on unremitting efforts and continuous improvement. In addition, employees should also actively participate, and remember to pay attention to progress

3. avoid high-speed commissioning preparation

first check the speed of the first commissioning preparation. Mr. George A. Sanchez, the Department Manager of Mitsubishi in North America responsible for the sales of web offset press, explained: "When the printing machine increases to the predetermined operating speed, the ink system must maintain a good balance, which is very important for reducing waste. However, some printing machines cannot increase the printing speed from 10% to 80-90% during normal printing. Because with the increase of speed, the ink balance of green, ecological, health and safety has become the lifeline of the development of the plastic processing industry and the super binding conditions will also change, so they can only Gradually increase the speed. "

Mr. Ron Bartell, production manager of Heidelberg web press division, added: "some operators do not consider taking time to achieve the best ink balance, but adjust the machine at a high speed, which often wastes more paper."

solution: cooperate with equipment suppliers to strive to make the printing machine play the best role

4. establish a new concept of wetting treatment

Mr. Joe abbot, director of technical support department of man · Roland company, said that the wetting solution with lower temperature helps to reduce waste. "Research shows that when the temperature is about 60 degrees Fahrenheit (or below), the occurrence of ink piling on the blanket can be reduced, and the cleaning times of the blanket can be reduced, so as to reduce waste."

installation of filter device can also play a role. Mr. Abbot suggested that a return filter (with a filter hole of 25 microns or less) be installed on the wetting liquid circulator. This can remove the fine ink particles that sink into the alcohol free wetting liquid after it contacts the ink. Otherwise, these fine particles will fall on the non graphic parts of the wetting roller or blanket, causing downtime and waste

5. to avoid out of control of tension

sachez advocated that a reliable tension control system with a rise of 1.4% (EUR 1.984 billion in the third quarter of 2013) should be used from paper feeding to cooling, web paper to folding device. Tension control in place can prevent drum fracture, inaccurate alignment and positioning and cutting dimension error

solution: regularly maintain the printing machine and analyze the reasons for the shutdown of the printing machine

6. optimize the diameter of the paper roll

orndorff said: "if we can adopt a unified outer diameter - specifically 50 inches, we will further reduce waste." The main obstacle at present lies in the limitations of existing equipment. Mr. orndorff explained that two of the nine printing machines in Perry Judds' Strasbourg printing plant could not use paper rolls with an outer diameter of 50 inches. In order to ensure that live parts can be transferred from one printing machine to another, printing plants usually use paper rolls with an outer diameter of 45 inches. However, Mr. orndorff is optimistic about the 50 inch standardized paper roll. He said: "t's efforts to improve the energy efficiency of the plastic granulator process and to prevent and control environmental pollution complement each other. One of the priorities of IME in 2016 is to" strengthen the supply side structural reform ". It encourages its printers to do so, and we are also moving in this direction."

solution: cooperate with web suppliers and equipment manufacturers to try to use large outer diameter paper rolls

7. reduce the times of binding trimming

bartell said: "Now we have a seamless printing machine, so binding and trimming has become another important part of saving paper. If the binding equipment can be improved, the same model of printing machine can print larger pages, because there is no need to trim the non graphic blank parts. Even on ordinary printing machines, you can increase the print size on the printer by reducing the trimming size."

bartell believes that in many cases, the problem is not the equipment, but the staff of the binding factory. They ask to cut off 3/16 inch paper edges for the sake of saving time, but sometimes only 1/8 inch paper edges can be cut off. This requires us to work together to solve the problems we face

solution: strive to strengthen the communication and cooperation between the printing workshop and the binding factory

8. regularly maintain the equipment

mr. mark Kraft, deputy general manager in charge of sales of nationwide graphics (Chicago), suggested: regularly inspect and maintain the auxiliary equipment, including the cooling roller unit and the paper cutter, "On some old equipment, they are easy to cause waste of paper. The outdated control device of worn gears can be replaced by belt transmission device and brake device with coordinated operation to reduce waste and improve printing speed."

solution: regularly maintain the equipment and input the process and results into the computer

9. make full use of paper

to improve the handling and storage quality of paper, control the paper temperature and temperature, test all consumables, and then start printing. Mr. Bartell suggested that a reel device equipped with a detection system should be installed to prevent excessive web cutting. Care should be taken during handling, and do not forget to protect the printed book stickers

solution: negotiate with reel suppliers and printer operators to jointly formulate operation standards and reduce paper waste

10. evaluate new technology

when you have decided to purchase or intend to purchase new equipment, you should understand how much today's technology can help your enterprise. Taking the printing press as an example, it should have higher accuracy of alignment and positioning for computer direct plate making, ink supply pre adjustment accuracy, online color management system with better quality and folding machine adjustment device with convenient operation. At the same time, various control systems with CIP3 operation function shall also be considered

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