Precautions for installation of the hottest runner

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Precautions for hot runner installation

1 Place the mold, level the upper mold, and clean all holes and templates with an air gun

2. Check the size of each hole, especially the depth. Remove burrs from the formwork. At the same time, check whether the screw hole of the back flow plate after the upper and lower jaws of the lock are tightened, and whether the center pin and anti rotation pin hole have been processed. The master who made the hot runner mold for the first time in this place often missed it

3. Sweep red lead on the hot nozzle sealing position and upper step position which are matched with the mold

4. Test assemble the hot nozzle, and then remove it to check whether the sealing position 1 rubs red lead and whether the step position 2 touches the mold. If not, stop the installation, check the error reason and adjust. Ensure tight fitting without material leakage. Be careful not to damage the tip of the nozzle during this process

5. Install all the hot nozzles, and install the center pad, center pin and anti rotation pin at the same time. And sweep red lead on its plane

6. Check the nozzle plane and center pad height, and the error shall be controlled within 0.05mm

7. Try to install the shunt plate. Pay attention not to omit the hot nozzle sealing ring when formally installing the splitter plate

8. Check the cooperation between the splitter plate and the hot nozzle to ensure that all of them touch red lead and that there is no glue leakage

9. Arrange the hot nozzle routing to be neat and beautiful, and number each group of lines in sequence. Connect the cable to the plug

10. Formally install the splitter plate, lock the fixing screws of the splitter plate (pay attention to lock the balance, keep the height of the four corners of the splitter plate consistent), and control the splitter plate meson to be 0 Establish a macro - control and market regulation mechanism 15mm, and then sweep red lead on the splitter plate meson

11. Test assemble the code template, check whether the plane touches the meson red lead, and ensure that the template 3 The host presses the splitter board meson

12. Lock the mold, erect the mold, and check whether the matching between the gate and the nozzle tip meets the requirements from the parting surface. Make sure that the nozzle tip is lower than the gate surface by 0 2mm, the tip shall not be eccentric. Carefully check each group of circuits with a multimeter to ensure that there is no short circuit, open circuit, leakage, etc., and that the corresponding lines of each group are correct, so as to ensure that the international and domestic trunk lines are accessible and the branch lines are dense; The waterway will be built to ensure the normal operation of all circuits

connect the thermostat for trial heating. The first heating shall be kept within 100 ℃ for 10 minutes for preheating and dehumidification to protect the heater. Then heat it up to the required temperature. If it is normal, the hoisting mold can be arranged for trial mold

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