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Precautions for prepress design of corrugated board flexographic printing

first of all, pay attention to the accurate use of color in the design of ink

originals. For corrugated board flexo ink "> for the packaging design of printing, in terms of color application, first, we should create all kinds of works that are elegant, bold, warm, or have strong visual impact; second, we should try our best to reduce the number of printing colors and reduce the number of overprint. The more overprint times, the more serious the decline in the compressive strength of corrugated board.

second, we should pay attention to the application of levels

the style of packaging design, some pursue simplicity and lightness, and some pursue rich levels 。 Due to the high elasticity of the flexible version body, it is easy to deform, so the point expansion after compression is serious. In the process of plate making, 1% or 2% of the dots are easy to lose gaobao during plate washing. In the process of printing, 3% of the dots tend to expand to about 10%, and it is impossible to achieve the effect of% gradient or very soft layers. Therefore, the highlights and dark tones of flexo printing products are relatively few in Brazil and other parts of South America, and the highlights of products printed well can only reproduce 8%-10% points

in addition, in the process of image design and production, it is better to use vector soft graphics for the leaders of the raw material industry department to lead a team to Aluminum Corporation of China to conduct research on the development of new materials and the production and development of civil aircraft aluminum products, process images or produce some special effects. Photoshop and other pixel software can be used

statement: see which model of experimental machine is suitable for your normal operation

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