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Precautions for installing the closed scraper system in flexo printing

in recent years, the closed scraper system has been increasingly used in flexo printing. In order to help operators better understand the closed scraper system, after the new lightweight pet aerogel is coated with flame retardant, we will introduce some skills and suggestions on the installation, adjustment and cleaning of the closed scraper system

basic features of the glass ball system for the closed scraper 286 automatic fire extinguishing system

(1) the unique chamber structure and double-layer ink sealing design are adopted to achieve better ink transmission effect and save ink

(2) most of the areas where the ink is located are sealed, and only a small part in contact with the embossing roller is exposed, greatly reducing the volatilization of the solvent

(3) the ink transfer amount is fixed regardless of the printing speed

(4) the combined scraper is adopted, and the replacement of scraper is fast and simple

the disadvantages of this system are: the contact angle and pressure freedom of the closed scraper are small, and the requirements for the uniformity of ink scraping are very high. In addition, the cleaning operation after printing is troublesome, especially the residual ink or varnish in the dead corner is more difficult to remove

installation of scraper and sealing strip

1. cutting scraper

on the other hand, it completely solves the pollution. No matter what kind of scraper is used, it is necessary to carefully check whether there are small burrs, small notches or other defects on the scraper blade, and the blade of the scraper must be clean. When cutting the scraper, you must wear protective gloves and glasses, and use special cutting tools to ensure that the cutting edge is straight and tidy. It is more important to ensure that the length of the scraper after cutting is appropriate

2. Install a new scraper

loosen the fixing screw on the blade holder, take the old scraper out of the blade holder and the ink chamber, dip a soft cloth with an appropriate amount of special cleaning agent or hot water, gently wipe off the residual ink or varnish in the blade holder, ensure that the length is appropriate when installing a new scraper, and then tighten and fix the blade holder

3. installation of sealing strip

the sealing performance of sealing strips made of different materials is also different. When cutting the sealing strip, it is necessary to ensure the dimensional accuracy. Even the deviation of 1/4 inch will affect the sealing performance. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the sealing strip matches the closed scraper system used

in addition, the surface of the part contacting the sealing strip at the single end of the two functions of the corrugated roller is smooth, which can minimize the wear of the sealing strip, so as to prevent the ink or varnish from leaking from the sealing strip during the transfer process

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