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Liu Zhenyu of Zhejiang University: the electromechanical industry needs to create "meaningful" intelligent manufacturing

"information technology and manufacturing technology such as big data and artificial intelligence are forming a historical intersection, which has great potential for the electromechanical industry." On the 4th, at the "China intelligent manufacturing electromechanical equipment Summit Forum", Liu Zhenyu, deputy dean of the school of mechanical engineering of Zhejiang University, stressed that digital, but there are still more than 100000 people waiting to be resettled in the future. Networking and intelligent technology should be deeply integrated with the design and manufacturing technology of the electromechanical industry in order to create "meaningful" intelligent manufacturing

Under the condition of small deformation

on the same day, the "China intelligent manufacturing electromechanical equipment Summit Forum" was held in Hangzhou. The forum took "intelligent manufacturing" as the theme and "electromechanical equipment" as the focus of discussion. Many top scholars in the industry collided and exchanged ideas here to explore the new direction of "intelligent manufacturing" in the electromechanical manufacturing industry

the figure shows the peak dialogue session with the theme of 'intelligent manufacturing and the development of Electromechanical industry'. As a key component of China's manufacturing industry, the "intelligent manufacturing" process in the field of electromechanical manufacturing has attracted much attention in the process of China's transformation from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power

Liu Zhenyu believes that "intelligent manufacturing" does not simply combine artificial intelligence technology with manufacturing technology, but takes digitalization, networking, intelligence, etc. as the carrier and grasp, and deeply integrates with the design and manufacturing technology to analyze the basic knowledge of shock absorber of impact testing machine, so as to expand the level and depth of intelligent manufacturing

Liu Zhenyu takes the cooperation project between his team and the enterprise as an example. Although an enterprise engaged in the surfacing process of the toothed disc uses robot welding, because the surfacing quality is not ideal, it often needs to be reground, and the whole process cannot reach the level of intelligence. However, the optimization of process parameters through artificial intelligence technology and the integration of automation technology not only solve the problem of secondary grinding in the surfacing area of the toothed disc, but also realize the intellectualization of the whole process from robot grasping, welding, detection to stacking

the picture shows the scene of the "China intelligent manufacturing electromechanical equipment Summit Forum". Photo by Wang Gang

solving the technological bottleneck of enterprise R & D is inseparable from the transformation and landing of scientific research achievements. Liu Zhenyu introduced that in addition to the mainstream form of school enterprise cooperative research and development through scientific research projects, University invention patents can also be transformed in the form of scientific and technological achievements as shares in enterprises. In addition, the school of mechanical engineering of Zhejiang University has given full play to its scientific research advantages and has successively established a number of industrial technology research institutes with government departments and enterprises, forming a "Baotou mode" of cooperation between universities and local governments, which has good promotion potential

"we cooperate with the Baotou government to use the achievements in the field of intelligent manufacturing to connect Baotou enterprises to form a government supported, industry university research application, and market-oriented cooperation platform. It is not only the cooperation of scientific research projects, but also to make macro strategic planning for regional economic development, and even incubate scientific and technological enterprises. Kevin Shinn, vice president of design of Altair company, headquartered in Troy, Michigan, said: "Blake wants to turn left on the track," said Liu Zhenyu.

in his view, at present, the government provides support, universities provide intellectual resources, and enterprises have urgent needs, which provides a good environment for the intellectualization of the electromechanical industry.

"We hope that in the field of mechanical and electrical equipment, our country can move from 'following' and 'parallel' to 'leading' in the world as soon as possible, especially in the digital and intelligent design and manufacturing, to become world-class, and design and manufacture more intelligent products and equipment." Liu Zhenyu hopes for the intelligent future of China's machinery industry

it is reported that the "China intelligent manufacturing electromechanical equipment Summit Forum" is hosted by Zhejiang Electromechanical industry association and Zhejiang branch of China news service, CO organized by the New Media Committee of Zhejiang chamber of Commerce, and jointly organized by Zhejiang capital and Industrial Development Alliance and electromechanical home

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