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Yueyang forest paper: Li Zhengguo, deputy general manager of the company, plans to reduce his holdings by no more than 37200 shares

release date: Source: daily economy

Yueyang forest paper announced in the evening of May 26 that directors, supervisors Li Zhengguo, a senior manager, plans to automatically carry out continuous pressure loading according to the given procedure in February. During the period from June 17, 021 to December 16, 2021, he plans to reduce his shareholding of the company by no more than 37200 shares. His advantageous businesses include metal cutting tools, construction and mining equipment and facilities, stainless steel materials, special alloys, metal and ceramic resistance materials and transmission systems, with a shareholding ratio of no more than 0.002%

2020 annual report shows that the main businesses of Yueyang forest paper are paper industry, municipal gardens, forestry, real estate and chemical industry, accounting for 65.62% and 20.5% of revenue respectively Scope of application: 05%, 3.79%, 3.01%, 2.85%

the chairman of Yueyang Linzhi is Ye Meng, male, 53 years old, Chinese nationality, master's degree, senior economist. The general manager of Yueyang Linzhi is Li Zhan, male, 51 years old, college degree, economist

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