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Li Zhengmao, general manager of Chinatelecom, was selected into the "global IPv6 interconnection Hall of fame"

in the afternoon of June 20, the global IPv6 Forum Global IPv6 development outlook and IPv6 interconnection Hall of fame 2021 award ceremony was held in Beijing. Li Zhengmao, general manager of Chinatelecom, was officially selected into the global IPv6 Internet Hall of fame

at the award ceremony, Li Zhengmao made a speech on "building a community of shared future in cyberspace based on IPv6", sharing the practice and thinking of Chinatelecom's IPv6 Based cloud convergence to enable the future development of interconnection from three aspects: the evolution trend of the information and communication industry, Chinatelecom accelerating the promotion of IPv6, and how to build a community of shared future in cyberspace based on IPv6

Li Zhengmao was selected into the global IPv6 Internet Hall of fame

in his speech at the global IPv6 Internet Hall of fame award ceremony, Li Zhengmao said that being selected into the 2021 global IPv6 Internet Hall of fame is not only an encouragement and encouragement for him, but also an important affirmation for China's information and communication industry to solidly promote the scale deployment of IPv6, and will continue to support global IPv6 and promote the vigorous development of IPv6, Make new and greater contributions to the progress of information civilization

Latif, chairman of the global IPv6 forum? Latid expressed his heartfelt respect to general manager Li Zhengmao for being selected into the global IPv6 Internet Hall of fame. He hopes that through the hall of fame selection, more people with lofty ideals can be encouraged and driven to participate in IPv6 practice, jointly promote IPv6 scale deployment and IPv6 integration technology, and promote the prosperity of the digital economy

the global IPv6 forum is an international alliance composed of major Internet providers, industry experts, scientific research and education in the world. It is the international organization with the widest influence in the IPv6 industry and technology community. Since its establishment in 1999, it has been committed to the promotion of IPv6 technology, market, deployment and application, and has played a great role in promoting the development of IPv6 industry and improving the fair application of interconnection in the world. The global IPv6 Internet Hall of fame is initiated by the global IPv6 forum and selected once a year to commend and pay tribute to experts, scholars and practitioners who have made outstanding contributions to the continuous improvement, development and innovation of IPv6. Previously, Winton, the father of Internet and the inventor of tcp/ip protocol? Cerf, Wu Hequan, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, Murai Chun, the father of Japanese Internet, and Wen Ku, the former director of the communication development department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, and other experts have won this honor

Chinatelecom actively promotes IPv6 technology innovation and business.

in his speech, Li Zhengmao elaborated on the trend of accelerating the evolution of the information and communication industry. He said that from the perspective of industry growth, the business innovation in AR, VR, Mr and 2b markets, the large-scale commercial and rapid development of 5g, and the wide application of digital technology have promoted the spiral growth of the information and communication industry. From the perspective of value creation, the information and communication industry is accelerating from the traditional 3C (computer, communication, consumer electronics) to the new 3C (connection, control, integration). From the perspective of technological evolution, the information and communication industry is accelerating the transformation and upgrading

for a long time, Chinatelecom has attached great importance to and actively promoted the technological innovation and commercial work of IPv6. As early as 2003, Chinatelecom, as a member of CNGI, undertook the first batch of national next-generation interconnection demonstration projects and carried out IPv6 business demonstration and test. In 2009, as the first operator in China to launch the trial commercial use of IPv6, Chinatelecom made a trial use of IPv6 in Jiangsu and Hunan, achieving a breakthrough in the commercialization of IPv6. In 2013, the metropolitan area and access of 21 cities in 10 provinces including Beijing, Shanghai, etc. were transformed, and a larger scale trial commercial deployment of IPv6 was achieved. At the same time, China's main process parameter Telecom 4G LTE network is fully constructed in accordance with the IPv6 standard, which is the first breakthrough in the application of IPv6 in mobile in China

in recent years, Chinatelecom has further deepened the scale deployment and technological innovation of IPv6, and is accelerating the development of IPv6 Based cloud convergence driven by the cloud to data strategy. In terms of comprehensively promoting the IPv6 transformation of infrastructure, we have completed the IPv6 transformation and configuration of more than 10000 Metro devices, more than 2400 backbone devices, nearly 20000 backbone circuits and 470 IDC. At present, all fixed networks, mobile networks, IDC and cloud support IPv6

in terms of continuous deepening of IPv6 technology innovation, we successfully carried out 5g SA group test based on pure IPv6, creating the first exploration of the evolution of operator network from dual stack to single stack; Promote the pilot and deployment of srv6 in multiple scenarios such as metro, backbone and mobile bearer, and basically realize the national coverage of srv6. In October 2019, at the sixth world interconnection conference in Wuzhen, Chinatelecom IPv6 ultra large-scale deployment practice and technological innovation project was rated as the world's leading scientific and technological achievement of interconnection, which is the first time that Chinese telecom operators have won this award at the world interconnection conference

in terms of using the cloud advantages of IPv6 to carry out empowerment, it has provided IPv6 transformation solutions for more than 100 large-scale units; Open IPv6 internet dedicated lines for hundreds of industrial customers; Providing IPv6 services in data centers for top 100 Internet customers in many places has strongly supported the development of IPv6 ecology

in terms of building an IPv6 demonstration of its own applications, the group has completed the in-depth transformation of 26 portal stations and service windows; All 54 apps have completed IPv6 transformation. In April 2019, Chinatelecom officials received China's first IPv6 phase-2 certification certificate issued by the global IPv6 forum

open cooperation and sharing to promote IPv6

for the future, Chinatelecom has put forward three initiatives to promote the better and faster development of global IPv6

the first is to open up, adhere to technology without borders, and accelerate the development of technology integration. Science and technology itself is world-wide. It is necessary to break the national barrier of technology, grasp the innovation opportunities brought by IPv6, accelerate the realization of new breakthroughs in key cutting-edge technologies, increase support for the basic, forward-looking and innovative research of the next generation of interconnection, promote the integrated development of IPv6 and industrial interconnection, IOT, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, etc., and jointly promote technological progress

the second is cooperation, strengthening technical cooperation and creating a joint innovation ecosystem. Operators have accumulated rich application experience in network construction and service, 2. Internal digital transformation with poor lubrication of relative moving parts and digital transformation serving all sectors of society. Chinatelecom is willing to strengthen cooperation with international organizations, colleges and universities, equipment manufacturers, Internet application service providers, etc., comprehensively carry out joint innovation, and jointly build and continue to prosper the IPv6 ecosystem

the third is sharing, accelerating the popularization and application of technology, so that people all over the world can share the dividends of technological progress. We should promote the wide application of IPv6 and new technologies based on IPv6, further strengthen the empowerment of IPv6 to finance, education, medical treatment, water conservancy, industry and other industries, and fully release the technical potential and advantages of IPv6. Give play to the cloud advantages of operators, actively use IPv6 based digital technology, help the digital transformation of thousands of industries, support intelligent carbon reduction and green development, strengthen poverty alleviation and poverty reduction through science and technology, and benefit people of all countries with technological power

new technologies give birth to new kinetic energy, and new kinetic energy stimulates new vitality. As the largest Internet country with the largest number of users, Chinatelecom will be committed to promoting IPv6 technology innovation and application promotion, promoting the deep integration and application of next-generation interconnection in various fields of economy and society, and working together with all parties to build a community of shared future in cyberspace based on IPv6, so as to effectively support economic and social development and global digital transformation

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