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Live nematodes were detected in imported wood packaging in Jinzhou, Liaoning Province

Jinzhou inspection and Quarantine Bureau detected live nematodes from imported wood packaging for the first time. On the 21st, under the on-site supervision of the inspection and quarantine personnel, the batch of wooden packages were burned and destroyed, and the machinery and equipment were disinfected

On July 4, a company in our city applied for inspection of a batch of imported used equipment. During the inspection and Quarantine of wooden packaging, the inspection and quarantine personnel found that this batch of wooden packaging was heat treated and printed with heat treatment marks, but when touching, they felt that the humidity of the wooden packaging was high and the water content was high, which was preliminarily determined to be caused by incomplete heat treatment. The inspection and quarantine personnel immediately informed the owner to store the goods together with the wooden packaging separately, and required to be completely isolated from the surrounding plants

at the same time, the laboratory of Jinzhou inspection and Quarantine Bureau isolated and cultured the wood packaging samples collected from Tianjin Daily on January 19, and found a large number of saprophytic nematodes under the anatomical microscope. It is reported that the main nematodes found mainly grow in the United States, Japan, South Korea and other countries, and are easy to fluctuate with the price of precious metals, which is harmful to coniferous trees, and is easy to cause trees to turn yellow, fall leaves, and even die. Guangxi, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Anhui and other provinces in China have suffered from the harm of this kind of nematode, causing great losses. After secondary sampling and indoor isolation and culture, it was found that SEBS foaming material will have a very dominant amount of live nematodes

source: Jinzhou Evening News

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