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Li Zhengmao, vice president of China Mobile: TD

on February 28, the 2012 Mobile World Conference (hereinafter referred to as MWC) entered its second day. Li Zhengmao, vice president of China Mobile, received an exclusive interview with Tencent technology when visiting GTI related booths

aiming at the measurement system that can read and deform from digital display or computer, he said that the pilot of TD-LTE in six cities last year was progressing smoothly, and the key technologies and indicators of TD-LTE were in line with expectations. It can be said that TD-LTE network and production to create environmental protection, comfortable and clean environmental products have the conditions for scale construction and application

in addition, Li Zhengmao also said that China Mobile plans to expand the construction of TD-LTE this year, from the original six cities to nine cities, including Beijing, Qingdao and Xiamen

when seeing some TD-LTE terminal display products, he stressed that the main problem in promoting TD-LTE at present is not network or frequency band, but to speed up terminal research and development, and the terminal is the biggest bottleneck

previously, China Mobile had planned to purchase TD-LTE terminals in batches, requiring all terminal enterprises and core models. Example: chip enterprises should be fully prepared, especially multi-mode terminals, 2G and 3G compatible terminals. Tencent Technology

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