Liuzhou Fuda releases two new compressor products

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Liuzhou Fuda released two new compressor products

Guide: on January 22, 2010, Liuzhou Fuda Machinery Co., Ltd. held a 2010 new product promotion meeting in Fuda factory. Meanwhile, Liuzhou Fidelity officially released new products such as LUT series oil-free centrifugal compressors and lukw gear driven screw compressors to the Chinese market. This promotion

on January 22, 2010, Liuzhou Fuda Machinery Co., Ltd. held a "2010 new product promotion meeting" in Fuda factory. Meanwhile, Liuzhou Fidelity officially released new products such as LUT series oil-free centrifugal compressors and lukw gear driven screw compressors to the Chinese market

more than 200 dealer representatives, company leaders and some employees from all over the country were invited to the promotion meeting. Mr. Claude servant, general manager of Liuzhou Fuda Machinery Co., Ltd., delivered a wonderful speech. As the unveiling guests' hands rose and fell, these well-made new machines appeared and were born in turn

lut centrifugal compressor transmits the energy of the prime mover to the gas through the high-speed rotating impeller, so that the gas pressure and speed need a new development direction. The gas converts the speed energy into pressure energy in the fixed components in the compressor. It is mainly used to compress and transport gas. This machine is widely used in food and beverage processing, automobile manufacturing, pharmaceutical, electronic component manufacturing, mining, textile, paper and pulp, air separation and many other fields

LUT series oil-free centrifugal compressor

high strength and durable industrial design

the accurately balanced rotor of LUT series compressor is the guarantee of stable, low noise and low vibration operation. High precision gears are installed in the horizontal part of the gearbox, making it highly reliable under different loads. Super sealing and durable bearings ensure minimal air leakage and pollution-free air supply, while improving ease of maintenance

the best operating efficiency

unlike reciprocating compressors, the increase of air pressure in centrifugal compressors is achieved by impeller rotation and diffuser pressure expansion. LUT series compressor adopts the design of three-dimensional flow backward curved impeller, which can provide the best operation efficiency and flow. Through the adjustable function of the air guide vane, it can automatically adjust the exhaust pressure and exhaust temperature according to the size of the customer's air consumption load, so as to achieve the best use effect of the unit and save energy

excellent integrated design

the internal pipeline is integrated with the main motor, lubrication system, imported regulating guide vane, control system and 100% high-quality parts. The real integrated design can ensure the reliability of the whole machine

complete protection system of compressor unit

each LUT unit is equipped with automatic control, protection system and lubricating oil pressure control system, which can ensure the normal operation of the compressor. At the same time, the vibration protection system can ensure the safe and normal operation of compressor and motor rotor components

environmental protection and energy conservation

the power consumption of compressed air exceeds 40% of the power consumption of the customer's whole factory. LUT series centrifugal compressors have excellent energy-saving performance, high reliability and convenient maintenance. They not only save power resources for users, but also save human resources. At the same time, the 100% oil-free clean compressed air provided by LUT series centrifugal compressors can protect users' air pipelines, instruments and production processes from pollution

3 take down the sample kW gear driven screw compressor

at this new product launch, kW gear driven screw compressor was launched at the same time

lu gear driven screw air compressor replaces the traditional belt drive through gear drive, which reduces the expenditure of vulnerable parts for customers, thanks to the small radial force and the vibration damping pad set under the gearbox. Make the service life of the host longer; Because the flange connection between the gearbox and the motor and the host ensures the permanent alignment of the transmission system, e) according to the purpose, it is important to have the characteristics of general-purpose machine (all-round machine) and special-purpose machine, and the transmission efficiency is about 3% higher than that of belt transmission. It can be called an energy-saving model in the air compressor industry

innovation is the soul of the core viability of enterprises. As the wholly-owned company of Atlas Copco Group, the world's largest compressor supplier, in China, Liuzhou Fuda has the core technology and resources from the group company. The gear transmission models and centrifuges launched this time are based on the cutting-edge technology of the European group headquarters, which can be described as an epoch-making revolution for Liuzhou Fuda

"bullish, mobile and fixed are all towering. The tiger roars and generates the wind, and the direct centrifugal is bound to generate prestige." In 2009, Liuzhou Fidelity withstood the pressure of the global financial crisis and bucked the current to establish itself in the highly competitive Chinese air compressor market. Facing the year of the tiger full of hope and challenges, these two new models will bring new market growth points to Liuzhou Fidelity

profile of Liuzhou Fuda Machinery Co., Ltd.

Liuzhou Fuda Machinery Co., Ltd., founded in 1994, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Atlas Copco Group in Sweden, with its headquarters in Guangxi, China. We specialize in the production and sale of "LiUTECH" brand fixed and mobile screw air compressors, centrifugal compressors and post-treatment equipment in the Chinese market

Liuzhou Fuda Machinery Co., Ltd. adopts European cutting-edge technology, and the product design is aimed at China's unique market demand, which is more suitable for the local working conditions. As the first enterprise in China to obtain the production license of screw air compressor, Liuzhou Fuda is committed to inheriting the brand concept of "excellent performance and excellent quality". We will continue to develop and provide customized air solutions for our customers

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