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Liuzhou, Guangxi, wins with "quality" and its industrial products sell well all over the world.

"Liugong's products have helped scientific research team members climb the Antarctic for many times by virtue of their strong 'physique' and stable performance. At present, Liugong's overseas business income has exceeded one-third of its total main business income. These achievements are closely related to Liuzhou's' strong quality city '." Xiang Dongsheng, deputy general manager of the International Business Department of Guangxi Liugong group (hereinafter referred to as Liugong), made the above remarks

Liu Gong, as the pacesetter in China's construction machinery industry, has long been quality first. In 2016, he won the "Asian Quality Excellence Award", becoming the first enterprise in China's construction machinery industry to win the award

according to Dongsheng, in October 2016, a Liugong excavator failed in Eritrea, and Liugong sent service personnel to repair it overnight. In January 2017, the country increased the order volume by 40 sets

"the cost that can be saved is considerable. Liugong will continuously improve customer value and establish the international competitiveness of Liugong brand with high-quality and reliable products, rapid response and efficiency, and good after-sales service." To Dongsheng. At present, Liugong has 3 overseas manufacturing bases, 4 overseas R & D centers and 12 overseas marketing subsidiaries overseas

Liugong is located in an important industrial town in Southwest China. The raw material for plastic products is usually pure resin. Liuzhou, Guangxi, has taken the lead in launching quality revitalization activities in Guangxi since 2007. In 2012, Liuzhou was approved by the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China to become the first batch of "national demonstration cities with strong quality". A series of documents have been issued to deeply integrate the "strong quality city" with the "strong industry Liuzhou" to promote the transformation and upgrading of the city

during the "12th Five Year Plan" period, Liuzhou industry has invested 406.7 billion yuan in upgrading, focusing on quality control, technological transformation and product upgrading, which is 4.2 times that of the "11th Five Year Plan". Up to now, 60% of Enterprises above Designated Size in Liuzhou have realized the informatization of technical standard management, and the application and popularization rate of advanced quality control technology in process production enterprises has reached more than 90%, and the automation rate of large enterprises has reached 87%. Explore a development path of "new quality, new industry, new Liuzhou" quality innovation to promote the transformation and upgrading of urban economy and society

as the pillar industry of Liuzhou, automobile also pursues quality in product quality. In the 2016 ranking of China's automobile sales satisfaction index released by the global market information company wer, Dongfeng Liuqi Fengxing automobile won the first place in China's independent brand and the fifth place in the industry. The noise standard for minicars proposed by SAIC GM Wuling, which ranks first in the national minicar market share, was adopted by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe and became a model for China's automobile industry to directly participate in the revision of United Nations regulations for the first time, It has cleared the technical barriers to occupy the international market and improved the world discourse power and brand international influence of domestic micro cars. The promulgation and implementation of the new international standards has saved nearly 400million yuan per year for the domestic micro car industry

SAIC GM Wuling Indonesia Automobile Co., Ltd., with a total investment of US $700million and an annual output of 150000 complete vehicles, adopts Liuzhou SAIC GM Wuling's domestic independent brand MPV and related product production and manufacturing standards from site selection design, site planning to production processes and processes, as well as human resources. The project has become a successful typical case of standards leading automobile manufacturing to go global, and has also become the largest overseas investment project of China's independent automobile brands

there is also Liuzhou Kelu Measuring Instrument Co., Ltd. under similar test conditions, whose special railway gauges are purchased by Japan for the detection of Shinkansen railway. Huang Liuying, general manager of the company, said that the accuracy of a detector of the company is as high as 1.5 microns, which is equivalent to 1/50 of a hair

he Huanquan, vice mayor of Liuzhou, said that as of 2016, the total output value of Liuzhou's famous brand products had increased from 18.6% at the end of the 11th five year plan to 28.97%. The exhibition area of famous brand products enterprises was nearly 230000 square meters, the number of exhibitors was nearly 2100, and the number of visitors from participating countries and regions exceeded 28. It is expected that more than 150000 professional visitors will contribute 40% to the city's industry. Liuzhou has become the city with the most quality awards from governments at all levels in Guangxi and the most fruitful achievements in the creation of various brands. Brand strategy has become another engine for Liuzhou to create a city card and promote transformation and upgrading

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