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Shuijingfang wine packaging design analysis and Rethinking

fortunately, as a Chinese designer, living in a rapidly developing country, under the infiltration and influence of thousands of years of civilization, he is engaged in the design work related to the lives of millions of people, and often lets everyone share the results of design creation. 3. The principle and structure of the new power line twists and turns experimental machine is a happy thing in life. This is the feeling born from my heart at the 30th International Mobius International Design Awards Conference in Chicago in February, 2002. The "Shuijingfang packaging series" jointly designed by me and the enterprise won the Gold Award in the "Mobius" category and the world also provided an important reference for later market strategies. The conference awarded this award to Oriental designers for the first time. After I took the stage to accept the award, I always wondered why the conference awarded this highest creative achievement award to Chinese designers from thousands of entries around the world? To Swellfun? For more than two years, my friends have invited me to write an article. It's not that I'm too lazy to write. The reason is that whether the design is successful or not, and I'm too lazy to check the market and time. In addition, the operators need to closely inspect the changes of the experimental machine data. Second, I have many problems that need to be sorted out for deeper reasons. It was not until I gave lectures in the University, when the students were not recognized by the society for a long time after graduation, and the adoption rate of design works was very low, that I was prompted to analyze the central reason. What caused it? I must clearly tell them the relationship between design and market, the distance between what the school has learned and what the society needs, the related factors and thinking methods behind design, and how to transform culture into commodity value. From this, I can sort out some of my experiences in practical design for many years and take the design thinking process of "Shuijingfang" as an example

first of all, we should know what design is? In order to understand design, we should first know the degree of social need for design, because the environment, way and state of human survival in modern society are a result of design. Human beings have been living in a designed physical environment. It is inevitable to adopt pla+pc, soybean foaming polyurethane and other biological materials. There is no other choice. Relying solely on the ability of human beings to transform and conquer nature has been proved to be laborious and against the law. Therefore, only by studying man himself and the relationship between nature and man through design can human find the ultimate purpose of design. Therefore, we need to change the old concepts and values of the past, reshape the soul of design, and make design truly benefit mankind

it is the and obligation of the majority of designers to use design thinking and methods to serve the development of commodity economy today. Establishing an understanding of the development of commodity economy, constantly corresponding to the relationship between design and market economy, and reconstructing knowledge is our topic today. Nowadays, focusing on the study of commodity problems is an important link in the organic combination of design and market, because the richness and homogeneity of products have become very prominent today. Commodity problems are the key to the transformation of products into valuable things and social functions, while the most prominent commodity problem is the problem of demand, which is a two-way combination of material and spirit. This related logical factor needs to be faced by design more rationally, It is not a problem that can be solved by a single sensibility. Therefore, it is the task of today's designers to organically combine the two. Therefore, thinking about design from the perspective of consumers and thinking about problems from the standpoint of demand is the standpoint of design. I often use "design is flying an airplane in a bird cage" to describe the design position. It shows the designer's mentality of objectively facing the market demand. First, we should respect the laws of the market, and second, we should have breakthroughs and creativity to find the real value needs of consumers, which are jointly constructed by both sides. Understand that the focus of design art is to meet other desires, emphasize others, and control the release of self desires. It is an effective combination of rationality and sensibility. Only in this way, it is easy to find the entry point of combining with the market

since the industrial society, the design has paid too much attention to the possession of resources and the superposition of functions. When the material reaches a certain degree, it ignores the spiritual habitat that people hope to find through the material carrier, takes the possibility and progress of technology as the fundamental logic, and takes the excessive market prospect as the fundamental value orientation to design, and the relationship between man and nature, poetic and humanistic spirit are gradually diluted, People are in a spiritual dilemma, and this trend should be highly noticed. On the contrary, design should advocate the mutual participation of different disciplines, the integration of technology and art, pay more direct attention to the noumenon of "human" from the material and spirit, establish the interdependent relationship between human and nature, and pursue the dual significance of "design creates value" through splicing and natural generation

as far as its commodity packaging design is concerned, it is more necessary to expand and practice this proposition. Studying the behavior of selling expenses, the living environment, value orientation, concept replacement, social reality and technological progress of individuals and groups is the basic preparation for carrying out the design, and it is also a process of systematic thinking. In the past, we overemphasized the single protection function in packaging design, lacking the consideration of integrity and relevance. With the progress of processing technology and the change of transportation mode, this single function has retreated from its dominant position, because the protection function has become a necessity of packaging design, and the promotion function has occupied a more important position. This is because the development of commodity economy and society has brought about the transformation of order from the material depletion in the past to the material enrichment today, and the fierce competition in the market, It should also be understood as a normal state. Adjusting the past thinking mode to adapt to the changed situation is the transformation of the designer's mentality. Understanding this change is an important link for design to adapt to social development. Behind the change, there is more essential significance of design to catalyze it. On the one hand, it is the innovation of form and expression methods presented by design, the pursuit of fashion and personality, and the emphasis on visual differences. On the other hand, it is the reason for the establishment of form, that is, meaningful form, which emphasizes the correspondence with the psychological needs of the recipient, arouses spiritual pleasure, and the design is more injected into the characteristics of the times. Especially in packaging design, tradition and fashion are intertwined, and various means are used to create new ideas, attract consumers' attention, and strengthen the beauty of goods. The researchers found that 80% of consumers will transfer their preference for packaging to their recognition of the internal quality of goods, which will eventually lead to consumer behavior and loyalty to goods. This is the key core of packaging design affecting goods today. To sum up, the design procedure and process of "Swellfun" packaging also started from this point, combing the basis for establishing the design form

market survey

1. Clear the commodity sales environment → shopping malls, shelf display, sales mode

2. Understand the customer's introduction to goods → commodity personality differences, sales channel methods, market target positioning size, region, commodity price and similar differences, product terminal services

3. Understand the actual needs of consumers → the function of commodity value, new expected state, price positioning

4. Self feeling → comparison of similar goods: differences in the focus of commodity description, classification of target consumers, and sales possibilities

5. Virtual design goods in the sales environment → size, color, shape, and comparison with other similar goods

real state analysis

1. Display and sales mode → size and structure of commodity packaging

2. Focus on commodity characteristics → commodity style characteristics, cultural expression

3. Commodity demanders → targets, distinguish between consumption levels and prices

4. Common characteristics of similar commodity packaging → reasons for existence, style categories, historical evolution

5. Imagine a new form to enter the market → target group, reason for establishment, style characteristics, cost price

segmentation and quantification of end consumer groups:

regionality: urban, rural, inland, coastal, East, West, South and North

climate: hot summer in the south, long cold period in the north, humid in the southwest and plateau in the northwest

education level: college, high school, junior high school, primary school, illiterate

consumption mode: public banquets, gifts, family consumption

group consciousness: aggregate consumption and independent consumption

family structure: four generations together, a family of three, lovers, single

economic income: high-income class, white-collar rich class, middle-income class, working class, low-income class

age relationship: old age, middle age, youth

religious influence: taboos of different religions, special reference to the meaning of color

according to the above market survey, quantitative analysis sorted out the key positioning basis, repeatedly communicated and interacted with enterprise executives and market frontier sellers, and discussed the needs of target consumers at the same time. Then make adjustments and modifications to complete the positioning target copy. One thing that needs to be focused on in the market survey is that the psychological and physical reactions of consumers when contacting goods should be recorded and analyzed in detail, because in this case, people are generally subconsciously influenced by their actions, and the degree of preference depends more on experience. In this regard, it is necessary to interpret the survey results and study a virtual consumption scene and consumption process. Therefore, the positioning concept of packaging design must be based on this. The form and opening method of packaging should also consider the presentation order of the commodity subject. The combination of the two forms will produce different emotional reactions, which is the key to the noble and general creation of commodities. "Shuijingfang" series packaging design is based on the construction of this thinking

the excavation of ancient wine making sites provides a very valuable platform for the development of products, which leads to the source of wine making culture. Supported by a large number of unearthed cultural relics, the ancient form of "front store and back workshop" is proved. In order to highlight this feature more valuable, the style of packaging design clearly takes traditional culture as the basic starting point and grasps the cultural belonging complex of commodity demanders, Look for appropriate cultural elements to build the theme form of packaging, realize the two-way promotion of material and spiritual values, achieve the purpose of product development, and create a demand market for sustainable development. Among them, the emphasis on Chinese culture is the theme spirit of this packaging design, which is also established based on the higher the degree of modern civilization of society, the stronger people's national feelings

when accepting the design task, it was initially considered that this design is different from the general packaging design of ordinary products. It does not simply complete the protection function and promotion function, but integrates an abstract cultural value with a single product, carries out market-oriented management, and strengthens the particularity of goods through cultural concepts, so as to obtain added value and achieve commercial success. This is indeed a big problem. To achieve the goal, we must face it with new thinking. Therefore, we first look for the entry point from the possibility of market demand, change the previous experience judgment, and establish the basis of design positioning according to the analysis of market survey results. Due to the fierce competition of similar products in the market

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