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July 22, 2009 abs-ps Market Overview everywhere

ABS market dynamics:

the supply of goods in Dongguan ABS market is not large, and end users are not enthusiastic about purchasing. Some quotations increased slightly by about 50 yuan/ton. Jilin Petrochemical 0215a reported 11650 yuan/ton, and the above prices do not include tax

the supply of goods in Shenzhen ABS market is acceptable, offer 1 The pattern of vanadium industry is basically stable, and some have little room for negotiation. 121h Ningbao 12350 yuan/ton, 15a1 Ningbao yuan/ton, 0215a Ningbao yuan/ton, the above are tax inclusive prices

the supply of ABS market in Ningbo is basically normal, the downstream demand is weak, and the transaction is limited. The mainstream offer of the market is stable, and the mentality of merchants is acceptable. 0215a has no tax declaration of 12400 yuan/ton, and 15a1 has no tax declaration of yuan/ton

ps market dynamics:

the general market of Dongguan PS market is stable, and some of the minor vice chairmen of the offer are higher, with a range of about 50 yuan/ton. The supply of goods in the market is general, and a small amount of goods are shipped. The mentality of market merchants is general, and the trading is stable. Downstream factories seldom purchase

Shunde PS market atmosphere is quiet and the offer is stable. Guangzhou 525 yuan/ton, 660 yuan/ton. There are not many inquiries in the market, and the shipment is still relatively small. The mentality of businesses is general, and some businesses are slightly confused. End buyers are more wait-and-see and less purchase

the atmosphere in Shantou PS market is quiet and the offer is stable. 118 no tax declaration 8900 yuan/ton, 127 no tax declaration 9300 yuan/ton. Fangxing 635 reported 8800 yuan/ton without tax, and the actual transaction price was slightly lower. There were few substantive negotiations in the morning market, and the shipment was poor. The mentality of the market merchants is general and the operation is cautious. Downstream factories have light demand, more wait-and-see, and few purchases

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