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On January 6, abs-ps market overview

ABS market dynamics:

the overall market situation of ps/abs in Yuyao plastic city is stable, and resources are still tight and transactions are light. Some factories maintain general procurement and have little intention of stocking in large quantities. Wire rod (Shagang Yongxing, Yaxin, etc.) intensive processing (Jihe cold rolling, Longteng special steel) construction reinforcement (Yuanda Kejian, construction site) traders operate cautiously, but most of them are calm and operate according to the market. At present, the latest mainstream quotation of domestic ABS is yuan/ton, and the mainstream quotation of imported ABS is yuan/ton. The mainstream quotation of GPPS is yuan/ton, and that of hips is yuan/ton

the ABS market in Dongguan is basically stable. Near the Spring Festival, the demand performance is flat, and the transaction is still deadlocked. 0215a is reported at 9000 yuan/ton, 750A is reported at 9000 yuan/ton, Ning 15a1 is reported at 9100 yuan/ton, and Ning 121h is reported at 9050 yuan/ton. The above quotations do not include tax

today, the offer of Shenzhen ABS market is basically stable, the market sentiment is thin, and the transaction is general. 757K is quoted at 9550 yuan/ton, 707k is quoted at 9250 yuan/ton, and 15a1 Ning is quoted at 9550 yuan/ton, all of which are tax inclusive prices

ps market dynamics:

Dongguan PS market is dominated by consolidation. As the Spring Festival approaches, the demand is weaker and weaker. All parties are cautious. The unqualified products detected are usually operated by unqualified paper horizontal or vertical tensile strength, and the transaction is deadlocked. Sinopec 525 reports 6150 yuan/ton, 123p reports 6200 yuan/ton, 660 reports 7100 yuan/ton, 622 reports 7300 yuan/ton. The actual transaction negotiation is dominated, and the above quotation does not include tax

the quotation of PS market in Shantou rose slightly today, with 118 quotation of 6300 yuan/ton and 127 quotation of 7200 yuan/ton. Part of the construction was normal, and the factory still purchased goods on demand during the heating and cooling process. The above quotation does not include tax

Yanshan Petrochemical 666d quoted 6300 yuan/ton for the factory of general flexible packaging manufacturers. The production of the device is at full capacity, with a daily output of about tons. The atmosphere of Beijing PS market is calm, and there are not many intermediary offers. I heard that the lower price is about 6100 yuan/ton

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