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Scientists invent new instruments that can interpret human brain thinking activities

Vladimir Grushko, a famous scientist in Kazakhstan, recently invented an intelligent tester that can interpret human brain thinking activities, which caused a sensation in Kazakhstan and even the whole CIS, but the use of plastic on Chinese cars is far from enough. The scientific community of the country

this kind of instrument, academically known as the "dynamic electrostatic instrument" for ultra energy conservation and emission reduction, can measure the intensity of the electric field of charges in the air. With this instrument, scientists can measure the electric field voltage around the human head, and analyze the human intelligence level and thinking speed on this basis

Figure 4: aydale uses its hdplas ion process to functionalize the graphite thin surface. The principle is that the electric field of the human body, especially the brain, is not fundamentally different from other physical fields around the human body. These so-called "fields" only exist close to the human body. If they are a little far away from the human body, even if they are only a few meters away, the intensity of "fields" will become very weak. One kilometer away, the "field" will disappear in the surrounding interference sources

if the intensity of the "field" is amplified by instruments, human thinking information can be transmitted over a long distance. Grushko installed this instrument on the helmet, which makes it more convenient to measure brain electric fields at several points at the same time

in theory, the signal generated by this instrument can also control the operating system of aircraft or cars. This means that in the near future, people can transmit brain thinking signals through this instrument to drive cars or planes remotely

in order to verify the practical utility of the instrument, the Kazakh Institute of human physiology has conducted experiments in India, Moscow and Astana

the results show that with the help of this instrument, scientists can capture pulse waves and other physical signals generated by human brain thinking from a long distance, analyze and interpret them, and then understand the information of human brain thinking

Grushko is about Jung, a widely involved scientist who has extraordinary attainments in many scientific fields. Other novel and interesting inventions can be seen in Grushko's laboratory. For example, "earthquake warning device" that can predict earthquakes more accurately; There is also a device that uses the energy generated by the rotation of the earth to illuminate. It can provide energy for lighting lamps all day without any other power source. Another instrument, which looks like a pen, can be used to detect the physical condition of the human body

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