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Screen company's new B3 format platerite micra60 MW CTP system

recently, a printing plant in Belgium installed Europe's first B3 format PL screen to support the development and research of innovative composite technology

the quality and automation of the equipment are higher, and the production efficiency has also been significantly improved. The equipment has attracted a number of users with the company's well-known brand and highly competitive price

Belgium arnou printing factory is a family printing enterprise, mainly engaged in small format color printing, such as brochures, brochures, office and household stationery and other products. The purchase of this equipment is to improve the production quality and production stability, meet the requirements of different output, improve the production efficiency of printing plates, and greatly make the company's Heidelberg speedpa 52 printing machine effective

without air injection, platerite can output 23 printing plates per hour. The price is not high. Flat panel models, reasonable initial cost and low maintenance costs. It is the most suitable for those enterprises that use a 2-page printing machine and want to enter the CTP market. They provide online punching accessories, and when the mold is heated, the advance time of the screw also needs to be lengthened in order to compact the finished product. Various types of photosensitive polymer plates can be used

in addition, arnou hopes to be able to switch from manual operation to automatic version loading operation. Using platerite Micra 60, it can complete continuous plate feeding and complete the processing of 50 printing plates without manual intervention. Another reason for choosing Micra is its compact structural design and human mechanical structural design, which is very suitable for the application of small printing enterprises

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