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With the development of LED display technology, LED display products are widely used in various concerts, exhibitions, auto shows, press conferences and other fields, giving new vitality and connotation to stage performances. In recent years, LED floor tile screen, which is specially produced for digital dance beauty display, has become the "Darling" of all major stages. With the further prosperity of cultural and performing arts and the localization of diaphragm, it is the general trend. The continuous progress of LED floor tile screen technology has become more and more favored by digital dance beauty design...

LED floor tile screen, which is specially designed for the beauty of the foot

in recent years, with the rise of market demand for LED display screen diversification, As well as the higher requirements of digital dance beauty on stage display equipment, led tile screen came into being. Because of the high requirements of LED floor tile screen in terms of load-bearing, protective performance, heat dissipation, display performance and other indicators, in order to enable it to adapt to high-intensity trampling and long-term operation, screen enterprises in the industry have made great efforts in improving technology, from the LED floor tile that can only light up to the full-color LED floor tile screen that can display all kinds of beautiful pictures, it has to be said that it is a huge leap

not only that, the interactive LED floor tile screen, which has won the limelight in various industry exhibitions and performing arts activities recently, has added new ideas to this market. Unlike the traditional LED tile screen, which can only play fixed pictures according to the predetermined procedure to meet the performance, the interactive led tile screen can follow the human body's activities to present real-time picture effects according to the human body induction principle, so as to achieve effects such as actors walking, real-time water ripples and flowers blooming under their feet, and create a more beautiful scene for performance activities

in addition, with the progress of technology application, some screen enterprises take the lead in carrying virtual imaging (arvr), projection and other technologies on the basis of interactive LED floor tile screen, plus carefully customized video source, which makes it have more powerful functions, and the simulation effect to a higher level, thus becoming a more intelligent and scientific led interactive floor tile

subdivide the application field of LED floor tile screen

as we all know, the problem of product homogeneity in the current LED display market is becoming increasingly prominent. Enterprises are building their own differentiation advantages through product and application innovation. The emergence of LED floor tile screen provides a better way for stage performance creativity, and also provides a great innovation opportunity and promising market direction for screen enterprises, However, in order to avoid the LED floor tile screen falling into the quagmire of product homogeneity, screen enterprises should realize in advance the importance of taking the product differentiation, the determination of steady-state thermal resistance and related characteristics of thermal insulation materials, the protective hot plate method GB 10294 (8) iso8302:1991 professional development path, and take the lead in layout

in fact, in addition to stage performance, LED floor tile screens are very suitable for commercial retail, bars, intelligent teaching, sports venue construction, medical treatment and other fields. The emergence of interactive floor tile screens has opened up more market application fields for them, while screen enterprises can take the road of specialization in a specific segment according to their own situation, and there has been a debate "whether Anyang or not" for a time; Avoid the dilemma of homogeneous competition before

technological progress and market increment often complement each other. In the future, with the continuous upgrading of technology and the further expansion of the market, it is believed that the LED floor tile screen will have a more wonderful performance, and the first thing screen enterprises can do is to control the technology application, so as to provide strong products and technical support for creating more visual arts in the terminal application market

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