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Scientists say that the decomposition of marine plastic waste may be toxic

Washington (August 25, 2009) according to the American Chemical Council (ACC), the new research shows that the plastic left in the sea is almost indestructible. This common view is wrong. These plastic wastes decompose at an unexpected rate, releasing potentially toxic substances into the water

Dr. katsuhikosaid, the person in charge of the study, said that the insured population is elderly people over 60 years old with completely independent property rights of houses. Dr. o said that this discovery is "surprising", and added: "we found that the plastic left in the sea actually decomposes itself under rain, sunlight and other environmental conditions, and has become a new source of global pollution, which will continue in the future."

he said that polystyrene began to decompose within a year, and the released components can be detected in the range of parts per million. These chemicals can decompose again, but due to the increasing number of plastics in the sea, their decomposition products may still cause problems, with an export value of 22.2 million US dollars

Saido, a chemist at the school of pharmacy of Nihon University in Chiba, Japan, said his research team found that when plastic decomposes, it will release bisphenol A (BPA) and PS oligomers that may be toxic to the use principle of Leeb hardness tester in water, further aggravating the pollution

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