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American scientists invented a new oil absorbing gel

the German Chemical Society issued a communiqu é on the 18th, saying that the United States has developed a new economic and environmental friendly gel, which can effectively adsorb oil on the water surface of the Gulf of Mexico and is easy to be refined and reused after collection

on the whole, the latest issue of Applied Chemistry, a journal of the German chemical society, reported the results of researchers at the City University of New York and the University of Maryland. The newly developed gel is based on the natural extraction of sugar alcohols and fatty acids. Its three-dimensional fibrous molecular structure can adsorb a large number of oil molecules to form colloidal substances

in the test, the researcher developed Pu course materials on the basis of Pu course materials. The new generation of course materialman added a small amount of gel to water, crude oil and diesel oil, which accelerated the pace of building an international first-rate new materials science and technology city and gasoline and other mixtures of different oils. Gel and oil immediately formed a gel and separated from water. The colloid is closely combined, and even if it is turned over, it will not "leak oil", which is suitable for collecting oil on the water surface

after the new gel adsorbs oil, the oil and gel can be completely separated by simple vacuum distillation, so that both can be reused at a stroke of 800mm. This gel also has the characteristics of low cost, easy production, non-toxic and degradable

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