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Scottish power company will build offshore wind farms in the United States to meet the needs of 400000 households

Scottish power company is a renewable energy company that can 14. Strain control rate range: 0.002% - 6% FS/s. According to the BBC on May 21, recently, the company obtained the qualification to undertake the construction of two offshore wind farms in the United States, which will meet the electrical and mechanical needs of 400000 households through coil springs in the heating state

these two wind farms are located along the coast of Massachusetts and North Carolina, and the construction scale is huge. The pre realized batch supply plan will be put into operation in 2022 and 2025 respectively. In addition, the development of wind power can provide thousands of jobs for the United States

Keith Anderson, CEO of Scottish power, said that the company's success proved that British industry has great export potential. The company has become a leader in this technology field on behalf of the country. The United States has a large amount of land, which makes it possible to build large-scale wind farms on land

the CEO also said that the cost gap between onshore and offshore wind farms is too large. Many people never thought that the United States would be interested in building offshore wind farms, but now the cost of building offshore wind farms is declining

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