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Screen American company launched high-speed and high-quality thermal CTP

with its superb innovation ability, screen company today launched a large-scale thermal component theoretical analysis and design calculation sensitive CTP system. At the recently held graph Expo 2007, the company will display the platerite Ultima 36000zx, the most productive plate making machine to date. Platerite Ultima 36000zx is the first model to adopt the new generation GLV (grating light valve) imaging technology. Each exposure head of this device has 1024 imaging channels, and can reach the speed of 33 full format versions/hour, and the imaging resolution is as high as 2400 DPI. If it is an octet printing plate, it can output 68 printing plates per hour and maintain high output quality on the premise of full speed production

platerite Ultima 36000zx is an ideal model for outputting high-quality thermal printing for large format sheet fed printing machines and high-yield web printing technology. It can accept plate sizes between 25.6 x 21.7 inches and 82.6 x 62.9 inches

it is understood that the screen company will introduce this platerite Ultima 36000zx plate making machine to the audience at booth 3801 of McCormick Convention and Exhibition Center in Chicago

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