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Definition and application of film blowing machine

definition of film blowing machine

plastic film blowing machine is to heat and melt plastic particles and then blow them into a film

there are many kinds of plastic film blowing machines, including PE, POF, etc

what is blown out with brand-new particles is new material, which has a uniform color, is clean, and the bag is stretched well

some people also use recycled plastic bags to make particles, which are generally called old materials. When making particles, they are usually gray. When making bags, pigments are usually added. When making bags, the colors are uneven, brittle and easy to break, and the price is low

although it is a recycled plastic bag, generally because nano crystal rods are easy to gather, it is a waste bag in the process of bag making, which is very different from garbage plastic in the general sense

composition of film blowing machine

the composition of film blowing machine is composed of ① motor, ② cylinder, ③ head, ④ dies, ⑤ V plate, ⑥ coupling wheel, ⑦ smoothing wheel, ⑧ coupling wheel 2 ⑨ The temperature of LLDPE and LDPE raw materials in the nine parts of wind is 160-180 degrees

hdpe temperature is degrees

blowing and a few laboratories adopt semiconductor refrigeration tank membrane machine. The most important three factors are

temperature (it realizes the multi-purpose machine temperature and indoor temperature of universal experimental machine)

double helix

three cooling system

Application of film blowing machine

plastic film blowing machine produces plastic film, which is suitable for all kinds of high-end film packaging. This kind of film can be widely used in light and heavy packaging because of its good barrier, fresh-keeping, moisture-proof, frost proof, oxygen proof and oil resistance. Such as all kinds of fresh fruits, meat food, pickles, fresh milk, liquid drinks, medical supplies, etc

but it does not use waste plastics as raw materials, but plastic particles as raw materials

correct use of film blowing machine

1. Check whether the temperature self-control is intact and the heating appliance is intact. Pay attention to timely adjust the heating temperature at each point within the index range

2. Check the traction speed and control the film thickness

3. Observe and adjust the uniformity of film thickness, and the folding diameter meets the standard

4. Check the air storage cylinder pressure, which should not be too high, but there should be standby pressure

5. Check and control the proportion of raw materials and mix them evenly

6. Check the raw materials for impurities, especially check the iron mixing with magnets in time

7. Check the lubricating oil lubrication of reduction gearbox and air compressor cylinder

8. Regularly check the temperature rise and mechanical transmission of each running motor. (end)

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