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Definition and advantages of Nantong photoelectric glass

definition and advantages of photoelectric glass

photoelectric glass is composed of low iron glass, solar photoelectric module, back glass, special metal wire, ev a glue in medical material industry chain management, etc. it uses a piece of low iron glass and back glass to seal the solar photoelectric module between the two pieces of glass through the action of EVA film, It is one of the most novel high-tech glass products for construction. Low iron glass is used to cover the solar photovoltaic module to ensure better light transmittance and generate more electric energy. The tempered low iron glass has higher strength and can withstand greater wind pressure and greater diurnal temperature difference. The use of EVA enhances the safety of the solar photovoltaic module, and will not reduce the efficiency of the solar photovoltaic module

the complete solar photovoltaic glass system is composed of photovoltaic glass, circuit, charging controller, power converter, battery, etc

advantages of photoelectric glass:

1. Sunshade

reduce the incidence of sunlight and have a good sunshade effect

2. Environmental protection

photoelectric glass is a new type of high-tech glass combination with antireflection of incident light. It plays a role in reducing light pollution. At the same time, it increases the absorption rate of light, improves the role of solar photovoltaic module, and reduces the greenhouse effect

3. Energy saving

photoelectric glass can reduce the infiltration of outdoor heat, reduce the outward radiation and conduction of indoor energy, reduce the supply of air conditioning in summer and the supplement of heating in winter, and play a role in energy conservation

4. Sound insulation

photoelectric glass is a building glass product that uses EVA film to glue the solar photovoltaic module in the middle. The application of EVA film effectively reduces the outdoor noise, which can be reduced by about 30dB. At the same time, the photoelectric glass itself does not produce any noise in the process of running and generating electric energy. It is a quiet energy generator

5. Firm structure

photoelectric glass is a kind of laminated glass. It not only has the function of using light to generate electric energy, but also has the advantage of no splashing after the broken laminated glass. It is a safe glass product for construction. At the same time, photoelectric glass can withstand the maximum wind speed: 200km/h, and the working temperature can withstand the change from -45 ℃ to +95 ℃

Nantong photoelectric glass

6. Beautify buildings

photoelectric glass has the effect of beautifying architectural decoration. Photoelectric glass can be used for the whole glass curtain wall and glass ceiling, reflecting the blue sky and white clouds; The interim report can also be added in the transparent glass curtain wall or glass ceiling, which is interspersed with ornaments to form a variety of beautiful geometric patterns

7. It has good light transmittance

photoelectric glass has good light transmittance (18%), and the light transmittance of translucent photoelectric glass can reach 30%. It overcomes the weakness of opacity or extremely low light transmittance of general photoelectric products, and makes the large-scale application of photoelectric glass products in building glass curtain walls and glass ceilings a reality

8. Generate electric energy

the biggest function of photoelectric glass is to use sunlight to generate electric energy, so as to realize the multifunction and high-tech of buildings. The generated electric energy can not only meet their own use, but also realize the supply and sale of the remaining electric energy, so as to create direct economic benefits for the owners

9. Reduce work and management costs generally speaking

photoelectric glass is a high-tech glass product that can generate electric energy. It is a 2-axis split control multi-function experimental machine, which has the collection and control functions of 4-way load, 4-way displacement and 4-way deformation. It runs smoothly and has the minimum maintenance limit (which can ensure the effective power generation period of 25 years), reducing the expenditure of management costs. Secondly, the application environment of photoelectric glass is very wide. Whether it is sunny or rainy, photoelectric glass can operate normally to generate electricity, reducing the impact of electricity expenditure and external power supply fluctuations on work

10, high energy density

11, only 3% of the maximum efficiency deviation

12. The photoelectric glass curtain wall generates independent power resources, which does not rely on the support of other power or heat, and only needs light to generate power by itself

13. Photoelectric energy is inexhaustible, clean and pollution-free. It is competitive with other energy sources

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