Pop style bedroom home design

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The new generation of consumers, especially young people and professional women, require the style of representing their favorite and new era. The color must be bold and strong, and the design style should break through the old modeling frame. Therefore, for them, pop style home design is the most suitable from style to popularity

when the pop style is in progress:

the expression of pop art disintegrates the tension and seriousness of modernism, opening the back door for hedonism. Therefore, all kinds of strange product shapes, all kinds of special surface decorations, and very special pattern designs all brighten the eyes of people entering the era of affluent society

but for any style, its resurgence is not 100% copy of the previous content. The re popularity of pop style also conforms to the needs of household culture in this period and integrates practical elements. In particular, furniture, compared with pop furniture seen in previous years, today's furniture has a lot of convergence in design. After all, the designs that can really enter the market are those that can combine art and practicality. If you play pop art purely, it will only be a flash in the pan

pop style practical version:

if you and I want to ask for personalized space and don't have much time and energy to decorate and transform, pop style decorations will be the best choice for you to transform your living space and be innovative

In the space expressed by , a large number of pop style furniture and decorations with bright colors and strong modeling sense are used, while the decoration retreats to the second place, but it still does not affect the owner to express his avant-garde and fashionable personality. The room is not big, and there are not too many rigid partitions. The glass emphasizes the modern sense of space. The large hanging pictures in the restaurant have the meaning of Andy Warhol's Marilyn Monroe, highlighting pop's space theme

continue pop style:

if you put an end to all gorgeous colors, if you resist joking with people, if you advocate a regular life, then this kind of furniture is not necessarily suitable for you, otherwise you will definitely fall in love with it at first sight

the design of pop furniture has a sense of cynicism. With a high degree of entertainment, banter and joke, it achieves a completely different effect from the orthodox design, forming an obvious pop style. This design breaks the shackles of functionalist design concepts, emphasizes the decorative nature of objects, boldly uses bright colors, shows a new design concept completely different from functionalism, and is loved by young people





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