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The interest rate of agricultural decoration loans is adjusted according to the overdue annualized interest rate of loans of the same grade of the central bank in the same period. The following table is the expected annualized interest rate table of agricultural bank loans in 2017:

the application conditions of Agricultural Bank decoration loans are:

1, aged between 25 and 60 years old, with full civil capacity

2. Have a legitimate and stable source of work and income, and have a certain ability to repay

3. Good personal credit reporting

4. The housing mortgage loan has been successfully handled in the Agricultural Bank of China

5. Other conditions required by ABC

the expected annualized interest rate of the loan is at least 0.75%, and it is promised not to charge any intermediary fees. The same amount and the same three-step application can quickly match the credit manager in one minute. The threshold is lower, the rate is lower, and the variety is richer. It is recommended that you apply for Xicai cat and apply for the entrance:

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