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Mr. Wang, who lives in Zhangzhou, bought a house with a mortgage loan in 2010. Because he has been working in other places, the house has neither been decorated nor lived. After having children, Mr. Wang wants to decorate the house, and then the family of three will move in. However, now the problem comes. Because of buying a house and a car, the family's savings are not enough for decoration. Therefore, Mr. Wang wants to ask, what if there is no money for decoration? Can I apply for decoration loans

in response to Mr. Wang's question, the editor of the loan network came to answer it: don't be afraid of decoration if you don't have money. We can apply for decoration loans. At present, the loan products of banks for housing decoration are almost in the form of personal consumer credit, which can be divided into two forms: mortgage loan, that is, consumer mortgage loan with the house purchased as collateral; Unsecured loans require higher customer qualifications. The consumer loan products provided by small loan companies can also be used for house decoration. In addition to consumer loans, nowadays, credit card decoration loans are beginning to be accepted by more and more people because of their advantages such as no mortgage, simple operation, free from the impact of national interest rate adjustment, and cost control in advance. Credit card installment can not only enjoy 0 interest, but also have the opportunity to enjoy 0 handling fee. For example, China Construction Bank has launched "long card credit card installment payment" for decoration users, providing installment services for up to 36 months

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