UPOs artificial stone maintenance

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UPOs artificial stone maintenance

maintenance skills: 1 most stains will not pose a threat to artificial stones. Artificial stones are solid, hairless and fine porous dense stone materials, which have the characteristics of resisting the erosion of all kinds of stains. Most stains such as food, edible oil, soy sauce, vinegar, alcohol, iodine, lemon oil, lipstick, shoe polish, ink and so on will not pose a threat to artificial stones, and their durability has been very excellent Easy maintenance, no waxing and cost saving make it widely applicable to home and business space. Daily cleaning water stains or a small amount of stains can be removed immediately by scrubbing with a wet cloth and adding a small amount of household detergent or soapy water. If it is seriously polluted or cut, wipe it with household detergent and tea towel to maintain its surface gloss. Use sandpaper and water to remove strong stains, cigarette burns or a small amount of cuts, and polish with polishing wax. For more serious damage, please contact the artificial stone processing factory, who has the skills and equipment to repair the wound. As the artificial stone is a solid material, its appearance and interior are the same. After several years, the way to keep the artificial stone fresh is to re polish the surface, which will immediately restore its original appearance





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