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On September 2, following the successful operation of the "Southeast Shanxi Nanyang Jingmen" 1000 kV EHV AC test demonstration project, the national development and Reform Commission approved the second batch of EHV construction projects

yesterday, the national development and Reform Commission said that it had approved the construction of two ultra-high voltage power lines in Northwest China, the 750 kV power transmission lines in Xinjiang Autonomous Region and the 500 kV lines in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

the difference between before and after is that the lines previously approved by the national development and Reform Commission did not directly involve the west to East power transmission. However, the launch of this project directly promoted the "west to East power transmission" to enter a new stage of China's ultra-high voltage power construction

a person from the outreach Department of the State Grid Corporation of China told the morning post that in fact, at present, the power company mainly promotes the project of 500 kV power transmission and transformation, which is more in line with the needs of reality. The power construction in Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia is actually the second batch of construction projects in the national power planning

at the International Conference on UHV transmission technology held on May 21 this year, shuyinbiao, deputy general manager of the State Power Corporation, said that in the next three to four years, the State Power Corporation will invest more than 100billion yuan to build UHV transmission lines. It is expected that the total investment of the company will exceed 600billion yuan by 2020. In addition, after the acceptance of the first batch of projects, the second batch of UHV lines will be considered

the first "Southeast Shanxi Nanyang Jingmen" 1000 kV high voltage AC test demonstration project with a total investment of about 5.8 billion yuan was officially put into operation in January this year, marking the beginning of the construction of China's ultra-high voltage backbone

according to the above national power sources, in July this year, the national development and Reform Commission gathered a group of global high-level innovative talents to approve the Yunnan Dehong 500kV power transmission and transformation project. The new low is 0.01Hz. Two 500kV substations were built, with a new substation capacity of 2.25 million KVA and a new 500kV Line of 913km

2020, China's electricity demand will reach 7.7 trillion kwh, doubling on the current basis. China's coal, hydropower and wind energy are concentrated in the western region, and long-distance and large-scale power transmission must be carried out through the "west to East power transmission". The completion of the calibration of UHV network extensometer will greatly reduce line loss, improve transmission efficiency and reduce costs

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