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On November 24, Chinatelecom announced the establishment of the IOT application and promotion center and the IOT Technology Key Laboratory in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province. Wangxiaochu, general manager of Chinatelecom, sunkangmin, deputy general manager, and officials from Jiangsu Province attended the unveiling ceremony

At the meeting of Wuxi becoming China IOT industrial base, Chinatelecom and Wuxi Municipal Government signed a cooperation agreement. The two sides decided to further promote IOT project cooperation, promote the integration of an exact number sensing technology with Chinatelecom's wired, wireless broadband and 3G networks, and quickly convert the collected experimental data into the application field of image information industry and the next generation of interconnection We have extensively carried out project cooperation and market-oriented operation tests in the technical fields of cloud computing and electronic payment, accelerated the construction of the national "perception of China" demonstration zone (Center), promoted the industrial upgrading and information construction in Jiangsu Province and Wuxi City, and jointly promoted the sound and rapid development of China's IOT industry

previously, China Mobile has announced the establishment of IOT Research Institute in Wuxi, focusing on the technical research and application development of TD-SCDMA and IOT integration. At the same time, it will also build a IOT data center in Wuxi to support the landing and operation of IOT related businesses

so far, the largest mobile operator and the largest fixed operator in China have established the IOT research center in Wuxi. Since the development of IOT mainly depends on the fixed network and mobile network, the IOT research centers of these two operators have landed in Wuxi, making Wuxi the most powerful IOT development base in China

the content of the cooperation agreement between Chinatelecom and Wuxi revealed that the Wuxi government will provide preferential policies

according to the cooperation framework agreement between Chinatelecom and Wuxi, the cooperation content includes: cooperation in establishing research and development institutions; Extensive cooperation in IOT projects; Explore the market-oriented operation experience of IOT application to improve the comprehensive operation benefits of IOT; Promote the positive cooperation and healthy development of IOT industrial chain, and promote the commercialization and scale of related industries

it is reported that Chinatelecom has set up the IOT Technology Key Laboratory in Wuxi to focus on the research and application development of the integration of wired, wireless broadband, Tianyi 3G network and sensing technology of Chinatelecom, so as to realize the pilot development of products in the field of long-distance applications (mainly M2M) and short-range applications (mainly sensing) and the research on the basic key technologies and equipment of IOT The IOT application product development and promotion support work are combined to achieve front-end linkage, and industrial cooperation at many levels such as business and product development is carried out with the local software park

in addition, Chinatelecom built the IOT application and promotion center in Wuxi, tried to commercialize all kinds of IOT application products, explored the market-oriented operation business model of IOT projects, supported the large-scale commercialization of IOT related businesses, and, after gaining successful experience, promoted the technological research and application development achievements of IOT by Chinatelecom to the whole country by means of rapid replication, Further give play to the first mover advantage and leading role of Wuxi IOT industry, which shall be organized and arranged by the user department

at the same time, Wuxi will provide preferential policies for Chinatelecom, strengthen organization and coordination, facilitate the implementation of Chinatelecom IOT project in Wuxi, and strive to create a good industrial development environment

wangxiaochu personally supervised the war and said that he would give full play to the joint advantages of Guhe mobile.

it is worth noting that wangxiaochu, the general manager of Chinatelecom, who rarely appeared, personally attended the signing ceremony and made a speech

wangxiaochu said in his speech that IOT is closely related to the professional fields that Chinatelecom is good at. The development of IOT is inseparable from the Internet, mobile and other communication networks. These are the strengths and advantages of Chinatelecom

wangxiaochu stressed that Chinatelecom has the world's largest fixed line network that can be restarted before repair, the world's largest Internet user group, and now has the world's largest CDMA mobile communication network. It has started 3G services early in the industry, and its full-service operation capability has been significantly improved. Chinatelecom will make use of these foundations and experiences to actively support Jiangsu in implementing the sensing industry plan and Wuxi in building a national IOT industrial base

at the same time, Wang Xiaochu also promised that Chinatelecom would continue to increase its resources in Wuxi, carry out the pilot and application of next-generation interconnection, speed up the construction progress of relevant projects, and provide the IOT with a full, fast and good communication channel

Chinatelecom has more than 10 IOT applications.

according to Chinatelecom, at present, Chinatelecom has developed more than 10 IOT applications. Among them, smart home products integrate automation control system, computer network system and network communication technology, and realize automation of various home devices through smart home network. Through Chinatelecom's broadband, fixed line and 3G wireless networks, It can realize the remote control of home equipment

intelligent medical system, intelligent city products, intelligent environmental protection products, intelligent transportation system, intelligent justice, intelligent agricultural products, intelligent logistics products, intelligent campus, intelligent cultural and Expo system, M2M platform, etc. have successfully provided fast and convenient services for all walks of life

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