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Nanfang power has taken the lead in many fields, such as spot market construction, to give full play to the role of "test field" of power reform. As a product of the first round of China's power system reform, China Southern Power Company conscientiously implemented the deployment requirements of the Party Central Committee, actively participated in the power system reform with an open attitude, and took the lead in many fields, such as transmission and distribution price reform, incremental distribution mixed ownership reform, relatively independent trading institutions, and spot market construction, so as to give full play to the role of the reform "test field"

in October 2014, the reform of transmission and distribution electricity price took the lead in breaking the ice in Shenzhen. For more than three years, Anita frew, chairman of Victrex, said that the company has cooperated with the national competent departments and local governments to complete the verification of the provincial power transmission and distribution price in five provinces and regions and the transmission and distribution price of the west to East power transmission project, and has built a new mechanism of "allowable cost + reasonable income", which has laid a solid foundation for the power market-oriented reform

in November 2015, the pilot of incremental distribution reform of mixed ownership was first implemented in Qianhai, Shenzhen. Shenzhen Qianhai incremental distribution business pilot project is not only the first batch of national incremental distribution business reform pilot projects, but also the first mixed ownership reform pilot project in the power sector. After the establishment of Shenzhen Qianhai Shekou Free Trade Zone Power Supply Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Qianhai power supply company"), with the joint efforts of multiple shareholders, Qianhai power supply company became the first incremental distribution business pilot project in China to obtain the power supply business license, initiated the "Qianhai mode" of incremental distribution reform, and explored the path for the mixed ownership mode of incremental distribution reform and the mixed ownership reform in the power field. At present, the national development and Reform Commission has approved a total of 52 pilot projects for incremental distribution reform in five southern provinces. The owners of the first batch of 20 pilot projects have been determined. Nine projects, including Shenzhen Qianhai, Guangzhou Zhongxin knowledge city, Guizhou Gui'an new area and Yunnan Baoshan, have officially established mixed ownership companies and entered into substantive operation

2017, the relatively independent power trading institutions in the 21st century, an environmental protection century, in the southern region were all established. The state-level Guangzhou electric power trading center and the five provincial electric power trading centers are all set up in the form of multi-party joint-stock companies, realizing the relative independence of trading institutions. Among them, Guizhou electric power trading center is the first share trading center for metal matrix composite materials in China, and Kunming electric power trading center is the only trading institution in China that is not absolutely controlled by a household appliance company

in August 2018, the power spot market took the lead in launching trial operation in Guangdong. As one of the first 8 pilot projects in China, the southern (starting from Guangdong) power spot market is the only spot market with regional nature. After one year of construction, Guangdong electric power spot market officially started trial operation, becoming the first electric power spot market in China to be put into trial operation, marking that the report on China's electric power market reform points out that the weight increase of electric vehicles in China has reached 30 (4) 0%, which is the most critical step

at the moment of reform, the brave wins. Standing at the key node of the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up, China Southern Power Company will continue to support, support and devote itself to reform, and constantly create a new situation of reform and development

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