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China (Shenzhen) International Printing thematic series exhibition was held in September

jointly sponsored by China printing and equipment industry association, China International Exhibition Center Group Corporation, Shenzhen printing industry association, China printing and equipment industry association China (Shenzhen) International Printing Exhibition, a series of special exhibitions jointly organized by Huagang International Exhibition (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. to meet the current rapidly changing market - digital printing and rapid printing exhibition, and flexo and gravure printing technology exhibition will be grandly launched in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from September 21 to 24, 2005

with the sustained and stable growth of China's economy, China's printing industry has developed rapidly. The holding of China (Shenzhen) international printing special series exhibition will provide a platform for domestic and foreign industry people to exchange and supply and demand cooperation, and promote the development of China's trade market and the progress of the industry

the main products displayed in this exhibition include: electronic and data publishing, digital printing and CTP equipment, fast printing equipment, flexographic printing equipment, gravure printing equipment, ink, consumables and related accessories, as well as software services. At the same time, a series of relevant professional seminars will be held during the exhibition. Experts at home and abroad will be invited to discuss the development status of digital printing, analysis of digital printing technology hotspots, prediction of digital printing development prospects, analysis of gravure printing, 12. Machine weight: about 135kg gravure printing market expansion, analysis of problems existing in the development of flexo printing in China How to promote the healthy development of flexographic printing in China to accelerate the improvement of green manufacturing standards and other topics

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