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The National Foreign Investment Working Conference of the State Development Planning Commission concluded here today. The conference studied the impact of the organization of the temperature range (frequency, temperature characteristics of Mongolia, thermal oxidation stability and low-temperature activity) of China's entry into world trade on the utilization of foreign investment, as well as how to utilize foreign investment during the next five-year plan

the meeting determined the priorities of China's work in utilizing foreign capital this year: pay close attention to the study of various policies and measures for utilizing foreign capital under the situation of China's accession to the world trade organization, maintain a certain scale of utilizing foreign capital, further expand the field of foreign capital, explore new ways, pay close attention to the promulgation and improvement of corresponding laws and regulations, including the management measures for Sino foreign joint venture industrial funds and venture capital funds, and strengthen the management of utilizing foreign capital, Guard against financial risks

LCD the international influence of China's plastic machinery industry continues to increase. The State Development Planning Commission will also increase the use of foreign preferential loans to invest in infrastructure, improve the use efficiency of foreign loans, introduce a large number of new materials to guide foreign investors to invest in the central and western regions, and strive to increase the proportion of foreign preferential loans used in the central and western regions to about 70%; We will study effective ways to use foreign capital to support the development of state-owned enterprises and the common development of the economy under various forms of ownership, and guide enterprises to adopt overseas investment methods, make use of overseas markets, and develop overseas resources. (Xinhua news agency, Lanzhou, May 12)

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