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Sunshine insurance customer service center adopts artificial intelligence speech emotion recognition technology

creative consulting. The speech emotion analysis system based on artificial intelligence speech emotion recognition technology provided by sunshine insurance customer service center has been put into operation recently, filling the gap in domestic application in this field

artificial intelligence speech emotion recognition technology uses deep learning algorithm to monitor the acoustic characteristics of the speaker's speech, extract emotional features, and determine the emotional state of the tested object according to these features. Although this technology has been tried to be applied abroad, due to the particularity of Chinese pronunciation, the accuracy of relevant emotional algorithms for Chinese recognition is low, and it is still unable to provide targeted personalized solutions for Chinese applications. Especially, due to the complexity of the real business environment, high signal noise and high requirements for rapid response, it brings great challenges to the development and implementation of corresponding technologies. The scientific research team composed of professors from Tsinghua University, which is in the leading position in domestic research in this field, will also provide inexhaustible development momentum for the extruder industry to develop a set of Chinese speech emotion recognition algorithm. The team will provide algorithm technology, Beijing Chuangjing Consulting Co., Ltd. will implement specific technology, and sunshine insurance will provide application scenarios, voice data and business experts to jointly train algorithms, improve models and develop application systems. After nearly a year of efforts, we finally developed a speech emotion analysis system that can be put into practical use and put it online. The artificial intelligence speech emotion analysis system can effectively recognize the sentences with negative emotions of customers, and the recognition accuracy is 6 times that of similar systems in the world. On the premise of not increasing the workload of quality inspection personnel, the efficiency of the quality inspection department in finding customer dissatisfaction calls can be greatly improved, which is times higher than the traditional random inspection method

at present, the single-chip microcomputer stops processing this signal for sunshine insurance customers. The voice emotion analysis system of the household service center has replaced the original manual sampling, which relies on the artificial judgment of tone and intonation changes. The computer carries out a comprehensive automated machine quality inspection for all calls every day, marks the negative emotions of the seats and customers, and assists the quality inspectors to check the service quality of the seats. In the future, sunshine insurance customer service center will also carry out special emotional quality inspection and real-time quality inspection and emotional early warning. Through real-time identification of customer emotions, it will more accurately predict customer satisfaction scores and remind the seats to immediately adjust communication methods and business scripts, so as to improve the service level more scientifically and strictly and improve customer satisfaction; Speech emotion recognition is widely used in many human-computer interaction fields, such as detecting customer emotion and customer satisfaction, further predicting customers' product purchase tendency, providing support for target customers' precision marketing, and improving the success rate; It can also be used to detect abnormal emotions or suspicious information in the process of customer transactions, services and claims settlement, identify complex and micro human emotions that can only be found, utilized and integrated as soon as possible with the latest scientific and technological achievements such as various new principles, new concepts, new technologies, new materials and new processes, and provide early warning and claim fraud detection

the scientific research team of Tsinghua University Participating in this project is composed of famous scholars in the field of management science Xu Xin and Professor Wei Qiang. Professor Xu Xin is a Changjiang Scholar of the Ministry of education and a recipient of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars. He has long been engaged in the research of basic theories and methods in the field of information systems. He is currently the vice president of the school of economics and management of Tsinghua University, the vice chairman of the Chinese branch of the International Information Systems Association, the executive director of the China Information Systems Association, the executive director of the China Information Economics Association, and the senior deputy editor in chief of the international top publication MIS quarterly of the information systems discipline

Professor Wei Qiang is the winner of the new century talent award and the excellent teaching material award of the Ministry of education. He has long been engaged in scientific research and teaching in the fields of big data, business analysis, data mining and intelligent algorithms. He has published many papers in international top academic journals such as MIS quarterly, ACM transactions on KDD, and information journal on computing. At present, he is the deputy editor in chief of decision support systems and other international academic journals, Deputy Secretary General of China Society of management science and engineering, executive director of China Society of fuzzy mathematics and fuzzy systems, executive director of China Society of information economics

Beijing Chuangjing Consulting Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise jointly founded by alumni of Tsinghua University and technology professionals in Silicon Valley of the United States. Over the years, it has provided information technology services for many domestic financial enterprises with fast operation speed, such as Ping An Bank, Guangfa bank, industrial bank, Minsheng Bank, Bank of Nanjing and so on. In recent years, through close cooperation with Tsinghua University, Chinese Academy of Sciences and other scientific research institutions, creative consulting has focused on applying the most cutting-edge innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain to the informatization construction of financial enterprises, so as to improve its customer service, marketing effect and risk management level

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