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Sunshine has changed everything—— Coking plant practices sunshine culture documentary

sunshine has changed everything—— Coke plant practice sunshine culture documentary

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Guide: coke plant practice sunshine culture documentary sows sunshine, rain and dew, and harvests fruits; In recent years, the positive energy incentives generated by the practice of sunshine culture, openness of factory affairs, employment orientation and performance orientation have brought gratifying changes to the coking plant, and the staff team has high morale, cohesion and health

-- Record of coking plant practicing sunshine culture

what is sown is sunshine, rain and dew, and what is harvested is fruit; In recent years, the positive energy incentives generated by the practice of sunshine culture, openness of factory affairs, employment orientation and performance orientation have brought gratifying changes to the coking plant, high morale and cohesion of the staff, and production and operation have jumped to a new level

the employment orientation of virtue, talent and performance is like a magic baton, which stimulates the vitality of employees and becomes the driving force for the continuous improvement of the operating performance of the coking plant

"the employment of key positions, including the promotion and appointment of basic management personnel, adhere to the guidance of morality, talent and performance. Our leadership attitude is very clear." Wen Xiaobo, head of coking plant, said

three young people, Yao saibiao, Liu Hong and Zhu chunxun, were newly promoted grass-roots managers in March this year. They are rooted in the production line with the advantages of high efficiency and energy saving and high cost performance for many years. They have been recognized by the masses of workers because of their outstanding work performance and high business level. Through investigation, the leading group of the factory promoted them directly from the front line to the grass-roots management positions

on September 6, on the second coke oven platform, a young man dressed in rust red was braved the drizzle on the coke oven, holding a hook to check each fire hole back and forth, sweat and coal ash stuck together and covered his face

he is Liu Hong, the newly promoted deputy director of the second coking workshop. After joining the work in 2008, he successively worked as a technician in the second coking workshop and the production technology room, in charge of coke production, benchmarking, production coordination and other work. As a foreign college student, he has no background or relationship. But he is willing to learn and work. In order to refine each coke oven well, he often stays on the hearth all day and operates carefully on the coke oven with the workers. After five years of trial and error, Liu Hong quickly became the technical backbone of coking. Due to his outstanding performance, he was rated as the production pacesetter of the company in 2010 and the top ten outstanding young people of the company in 2012

Liu Hong said with a smile, "the leaders and the masses trust me, and I can't repay them. I have to work more solidly and repay the training of the organization with excellent work performance."

not only the relationship, not the arrangement of funds and generations, but also morality, talent and performance. The sunny and transparent employment guidance encourages coking people to work harder

Yan Chao was a college student who entered the factory in July last year. He majored in chemical engineering. He studied solidly in school and was handy at his post. Originally, college students like him would go to the workshop to engage in technical work after a few months of training at the grass-roots level. But he stayed in the desulfurization team with poor environment and worked at ease, because he felt that at the grass-roots level, he could not only be familiar with the process, but also exercise his abilities in all aspects. Yan Chao was learning to do the work of the team's labor union vividly. The current employment orientation gives young employees a channel and platform to realize their self-worth. Here, he is very relieved and full of confidence in the future

in March this year, the backbone of the recycling workshop team underwent a major change of blood, and six new squad leaders with outstanding performance and strong vitality were re recruited. The six newcomers lived up to their expectations, innovating the team work and leading the team members to overcome difficulties and solve problems. After 5 months, the performance of the recycling workshop has changed significantly. The output of tar increased from 41kg/t to 43kg/t, and the consumption of washing oil decreased from 120kg/t to 100kg/T

Shi Shihua, the new monitor of the blowing class, said: "although the monitor is the leader and the tail, he should not only take the lead in hard work, but also work vigorously, so that the enterprise will be full of vitality."

the openness of factory affairs has opened a window of communication and understanding. The sun shines in, the relationship between cadres and the masses is close, and the distance between hearts is shortened

advocating a sunny and transparent management system, the leadership of the coking plant has received more understanding and support from the masses of workers

Wen Xiaobo said, "as for the distribution of goods and the salary income of employees, we adhere to a principle that all distributions can be made public; all incomes are posted in the public column according to the completion of goals, and can be queried at any time." "Adhere to the principle of three important and one big. The leading group of the factory meets every Thursday to discuss the main work. As long as it is decided by the leading group of the factory, we will publicize it in time to let the employees know." Party Secretary Wang Shouzhi said. "Three important and one large" refers to the decision-making of major issues, the appointment and removal of important cadres, the investment decision-making of major projects, and the use of large amounts of funds, which must be decided through collective discussion

the coking plant publicly implements the three-level management of "forward-looking statement" defined in item 21e of the securities and exchange act of 1934 in this report. The employees are informed of the large and small affairs of the plant, workshop and team, especially after the decision of the plant leadership is made, it will be publicized at the first time. From the organizational performance management methods in the factory, the monthly income distribution, the completion of production and operation, to the performance evaluation results of employees in each workshop, and even the analysis of employees' ideological state, they are reported on the bulletin board one by one every month. From the distribution system to income details, employees can see it clearly here. In this way, the hearts of leaders are closely linked with the broad masses of workers, and they have received the support of workers

on the morning of September 6, in front of the bulletin board of the CDQ workshop, the employees were talking about it one after another. It turned out that the performance salary of everyone in July was lower than that in June. Although the business performance of the coking plant in July was better than that in June, due to the company's business performance, the overall performance salary decreased by 3%

this is a matter related to the vital interests of employees. Employees should not be allowed to lose a penny. Therefore, the leading group of the factory took the initiative to do the ideological work of the employees, hoping that the majority of employees would understand and support the company, establish a view of the overall situation, and tide over the difficulties with the enterprise. The staff suddenly became clear: as long as we know it in our hearts, there is nothing unreasonable. In order to completely turn around the losses of the company, we must work harder

Nie you, the monitor of power generation class C in the CDQ workshop, joined the work in 2005. He said, "compared with 2010, my monthly salary has increased by about 1500 yuan. I was worried that the factory would intercept our performance awards. Now the factory is open and transparent, so I don't have to worry about this at all."

xiebenkang, the leader of the CDQ group in the CDQ workshop, said happily while looking at the bulletin board: "the factory and workshop will timely tell us the business status of the company and branches. It is clear in the bulletin board how much we have done and how much money we can get. Sunshine management has brought benefits to our employees, and our work motivation is naturally more sufficient."

in the traditional Mid Autumn Festival, sending moon cakes is also a traditional practice, but for the employees of coking plant, this year's Mid Autumn Festival is the first time that the unit has not sent moon cakes. In order to implement the "six prohibitions" during the company's Mid Autumn Festival and National Day holiday, the Party committee and administration of the factory unanimously decided to cancel the practice of buying moon cakes for employees this year, and do not distribute any other materials. Instead, the money for purchasing materials will be directly paid into the wages of employees, so that employees can be more affordable

Li Zheng, the director of the CDQ workshop, said, "we didn't send moon cakes, but our employees are very happy. During the Mid Autumn Festival, the factory will send some money appropriately, and employees can choose to buy moon cakes according to their own needs."

the openness of factory affairs is deeply popular, and the employees strongly support this good fashion. After a worker surnamed Li heard the news, he couldn't help but stretch out his thumb: "the factory leaders are so pragmatic that our workers have to pay. In fact, buying moon cakes is also the money of all employees, and it has to be used to fill the pockets of dealers. Why bother? It's just as happy to celebrate the festival without moon cakes."

only by absorbing more positive energy can we change the current situation. The coking plant took caring for employees as the starting point, purified the environment and warmed the hearts of the people in the process of change

the only constant is change

in the past, due to the process defects of environmental protection facilities in the coking plant, the smell of the plant was bad, the green belt beside the plant was dry, and the employees' efforts were not rewarded accordingly. The employees were full of complaints and their morale was once low

the leadership of the coking plant starts with improving the working environment and encourages employees to improve their work performance by improving the working environment and welfare facilities

two years ago, the ammonia water in the coking plant smelled bad, and the greening seedlings had withered and yellow. They had been working in the pungent ammonia water for a long time, and some employees were extremely unstable, and some even wanted to be transferred from their posts as soon as possible. Seeing these signs, the plant immediately organized the desulfurization process transformation, and invested 1.2 million yuan to add two filter presses in 2012. After the transformation, the effect was remarkable, preventing the volatilization of ammonia under high temperature and effectively reducing the stimulation of ammonia to the surrounding environment. Now, there is no smell of ammonia in this area, and the green belt is also full of vitality. After this problem was solved, the improvement of the environment immediately stabilized the mood of the staff and workers in the coking plant and made them more motivated

each team in the coking plant is equipped with air conditioners, drinking fountains, etc. 2. In the duty room on the top of coking 1 #, 2 # coke ovens, the surface temperature of the top usually reaches more than 40 degrees. The operator recalled that two years ago, the conditions in the duty room were difficult. There was only a dim small light bulb, a water dispenser that could not be used to make intellectualization work properly, which could improve the quality of products, and a dilapidated hanging air conditioner. Now, the walls are covered with ceramic tiles, cabinet air conditioners with good cooling effect and bright fluorescent lamps. Yang yuexiong, deputy monitor of the first shift of the second coking and coke oven, said, "it's really a pleasure to work hard on the top of the furnace and rest here for a while." Xiao Jianfei, the outsourcing worker, gave a thumbs up: "the coking plant has changed a lot!"

through strengthened management, coke oven work has achieved smoke-free production, made efforts to reduce process energy consumption, improved main production and operation indicators, increased performance awards received from the company, and the annual income of employees has increased at an average rate of 15%. The staff team is twisted into a rope. The powerful cohesion and high morale have made the coking plant undergo earth shaking changes, and the cultivation of young talents, reconciliation and innovation are the top priority. Nie you, the leader of the power generation team in the CDQ workshop, said proudly, "the indicators in the factory were completed well in August, and the performance award received from the company was high. In September, our per capita growth was 500 to 600 yuan!"

Wang Shouzhi, Secretary of the Party committee, said, "at present, the staff of the coking plant has focused on the core of production and operation."

in this year's high temperature season, all Party branches of the coking plant have assault teams working on the site automatically and spontaneously every day, bravely fighting the high temperature and heat. Where there are difficulties, Party members and team backbones rush to the front, where there are tasks, every coking man works hard at one place. It is precisely because of such a momentum that the coking plant achieved gratifying results in production and operation in August, becoming one of the six units that the company completed the indicators. The main product coke output reached 129120 tons, exceeding the company's plan of 2120 tons;

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