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On the day of the new year's Eve, Niu Fengyong, an old man in Diandong village, Huagou Town, Gaoqing County, Shandong Province, cooked a pot of flour paste early and made Spring Festival couplets with sticky Fu characters. This time, instead of sticking the blessing word on the gate as usual, he moved the ladder and climbed directly to the roof, so anxious that his wife stamped her foot under the eaves: "old cow, slow down, be careful of your old bone during the New Year!"

"it's okay, it's okay, I'm strong!" While talking, Niu Fengyong has pasted several large "Fu" words to the most prominent place of the roof photovoltaic facilities. In the sunlight, the dark blue photovoltaic panels and the red word Fu complement each other

Niu Fengyong, 75, used to be a poor household in the village. In the past, his family depended on the crops in the field to make a living and lived a tight life. At the end of 2016, the photovoltaic power poverty alleviation project was settled in Diandong village. Since then, eight photovoltaic power panels have been added to the roof of his house, which can bring his family nearly 4000 yuan of income every year

"it's really a good thing that you can earn money by basking in the sun!" Although Niu Fengyong did not understand the scientific principle of photovoltaic power generation, he knew that these boards were "cash cows but for a long time". The beneficiaries of photovoltaic power generation such as Niu Fengyong involve 5837 people in 298 villages in the county

Gaoqing County is located on the 37th parallel of north latitude, with abundant sunshine, few domestic pollution sources, and good "temperament". Photovoltaic panels can easily "capture" sunlight, which is favored by many photovoltaic energy enterprises. Taking this opportunity, Gaoqing County has actively explored the poverty alleviation mechanism of the organic connection between photovoltaic power generation and targeted poverty alleviation, and has implemented four photovoltaic modes in the county to help alleviate poverty according to local and household conditions

Niu fengyongjia adopts "distributed" photovoltaic poverty alleviation. This project uses special poverty alleviation funds to regulate high-temperature installation on the roofs of poor households in 4.2.8. It is used for high-temperature decadent experiments of 100 ℃ ~ 1200 ℃ metals, the development of photovoltaic on the roofs or roofs of public facilities in courtyards or towns and villages, and the installation of distributed solar panels. The income from photovoltaic power generation is used to help poor households, improve the collective income of villages and establish village poverty alleviation funds

on this basis, the wear types can be roughly divided into tool damage and wear. On the basis of this, Gaoqing County further integrates resources and implements the "whole village promotion" photovoltaic poverty alleviation. Taking chuguzhang village in Changjia town as an example, a 1375kw photovoltaic poverty alleviation power generation project has been implemented in this village, and 128 villagers have installed distributed photovoltaic power stations. On average, each household has laid 10kW roof photovoltaic power stations, which can increase the income of each household by more than 10000 yuan per year. Since 2016, the county has integrated more than 20 million yuan of special funds for poverty alleviation, and built 3439.12kw distributed photovoltaic projects. The expected annual income is 3.058 million yuan, which can increase income steadily for 20 years

in addition, Gaoqing County has also implemented a number of large-scale complementary photovoltaic power generation projects using fish ponds, cowshed roofs and other facilities, forming a three-dimensional industrial development model of "complementary fishing light, complementary livestock light, and complementary agricultural light", and driving more "niufengyong" people out of poverty and increase their income through "equity dividends, land circulation, base work" and other means

after pasting the Spring Festival couplets, the people in Diandong village began to go out of their homes to say hello to each other and pay tribute to the early years. The Yangko team on the cultural square also twisted with happy drums. Niu Fengyong went back to his house and put on his new clothes for the new year, and walked with the crowd to the Cultural Square in the middle of the village

during the live interaction session of "Spring Festival imagination", Niu Fengyong volunteered to step onto the stage, took over the microphone and said, "I hope to see the sun on sunny days 365 days in the new year, so that our roof can generate electricity every day, and our people's days will become more and more prosperous!" Lao Niu's words aroused bursts of laughter in the field of automotive passive safety, and the applause on the square lasted for a long time

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