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Suning store was rated as the 2018 high growth chain brand

recently, Suning store was rated as the "2018 high growth chain brand" at the 2019 China retail Langya list award ceremony

prepare for the company to enter the European market. It is understood that the number of Suning stores has increased rapidly in more than a year. While the number of stores is growing rapidly, the quality of stores in Suning small stores is not willing to lag behind. More and more good products and intelligent services, Let Suning store gain many users said, "we would rather be plagiarized and praised by others.

on March 18, Suning store launched its 5000th self operated store in Chengdu.

at the 2019 strategic cooperation conference of Suning FMCG group on March 19, Bian Nong, President of Suning FMCG group, introduced: Suning store currently has 5000 stores, with service coverage of 7, but the essence of action, a city, 25000 communities, 75million users!

The honor of "2018 high growth chain brand" is worthy of the name for Suning store. So at the beginning of 2019, Suning has announced that it will open 15000 new stores! At the same time, with the continuous evolution of community commerce and the continuous improvement of Suning smart retail system, Suning small stores are completely different from general convenience stores. The core elements of Suning store are changing, and its competitiveness has also achieved "high growth"

at present, in addition to Suning's storage, logistics, cold chain, system and other retail infrastructure capabilities, Suning stores also provide consumers with richer and better products and services through their own creation and external connections, so as to improve the customer acquisition ability and customer stickiness of single stores. At the same time, Suning stores also improve the overall efficiency of Suning retail system by giving full play to the advantages of online and offline double line operations

in the era of consumption upgrading and smart retail, Suning stores with "high growth" provide satisfactory services and products for consumers all over the country

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