The hottest sunny umbrella wind resistance tester

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Sunny umbrella wind resistance testing machine

is applicable to environmental testing equipment for wind resistance strength of all kinds of umbrellas when simulating the wind. Through testing, we can understand the wind resistance strength of the test object, and observe whether there are cracks, breaks, deformations and other obstacles in the use of various parts of the product, such as umbrella cloth, full microcomputer operated umbrella ribs, umbrella rods, etc., so as to provide reliable and beneficial evidence for improving the quality of products. No peeling scene


※ the clamping height and angle of the sunny umbrella can be adjusted to make your test accurate and effective

※ LCD digital display setting timer can set the test time arbitrarily to visualize the actual test time

※ the machine also adopts a V-shaped pliers type clamping device, which successfully solves the problems of different clamping positions and different clamping diameters of clamping parts. At the same time, we design a set of screw transmission mechanism to achieve the purpose of free lifting through electrification control, so as to meet the testing requirements of sunny umbrellas with different heights and specifications of solid-liquid phase change material, which is a relatively mature phase change material at present, We also designed the clamping device into a structure that can rotate 90 degrees freely, and calibrated the rotation angle and locking device, so as to successfully solve the problem that the direction of the umbrella rod and umbrella bone is 90 degrees during detection, and successfully solve the detection needs of a set of equipment that can detect the wind resistance of the umbrella rod and the wind resistance of the umbrella bone

the following information is introduced to you by the specialty of Jinan experimental machine factory

※ the whole machine is fixed with aluminum alloy bracket, and its appearance is beautiful and generous

[technical parameters]

◆ timer: LED timer, which can convert minutes, seconds and hours

◆ wind speed: (3, 5, 8, 10, 12) m/s constant speed selection, stepless speed regulation

◆ air duct diameter: 1000mm

◆ power: AC380V

operation instructions:

test preparation:

1 Adjust the governor switch to the lowest

2 Turn on the power switch and adjust the governor to an appropriate speed

3 According to the set item number, the whole machine is in the test state

4 Select the required test sample and fix it in the test fixture

5 Make the machine run idly, see if there is any abnormality, and then carry out the product test after confirming that the machine is normal

operation specification:

1 Connect the appropriate power supply 380V according to the label

2. Adjust the governor switch to the minimum to avoid excessive speed and abnormal machine

3. Turn on the power and try the machine first. If there is any abnormality, turn off the power

4. Press the reset key to reset the timer

5. Set the required test time according to the test requirements

6 Place the sample to be tested on the test bench, clamp and fix it, and the sample angle can be adjusted according to the test requirements

7. Adjust the test height of the sample through the up/down button on the control panel

8. Press the start key, and the whole machine will enter the test state

9. Adjust the speed regulation knob on the governor, and the wind speed is getting larger and larger. Observe the wind speed displayed on the anemometer to adjust the machine wind speed to the required test wind speed

10. After the test of the whole machine reaches the set time of the timer, the machine stops and is in standby state

11. If the machine needs to be stopped temporarily during the test, just press the emergency stop button directly, restart, unscrew the emergency stop button, and press the start button directly to resume the action

12. If there is any abnormal situation during the test, please directly press the power switch to cut off the power supply

13. This test is completed. If you need to continue the product test, please operate again according to the above operating specifications

14. After the test is completed, turn off the power, remove the test object and clean the machine

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