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Suning e-commerce's revenue last year was 15.2 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 1.58 times

Securities Times Yu Shengliang, Deng Liang Suning Electric Appliance (welcome information for professional technical support of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. 002024) announced today that the company's e-commerce revenue last year was 15.216 billion yuan (including tax). Although this is a data that did not meet the target at the beginning of the year, it has increased by 1.58 times year-on-year

Suning Electric Appliance e-commerce achieved an operating revenue of 5.9 billion yuan in 2011, compared with 5.28 billion yuan in the first half of last year. It is speculated that the company's e-commerce operating revenue in the second half of the year will reach 10billion yuan, and the growth is still rapid

however, there is still a gap with the target of 20billion yuan set by the company at the beginning of 2012, and the target after the reduction has not been completed. In October last year, Suning Tesco adjusted its annual revenue assessment target from 20billion yuan to 17billion yuan to 18billion yuan. The revenue of 15.2 billion yuan is only 84% - 89% of the target after the reduction

many investors regard the business of Suning Appliance as an important reference index. Just after 2012, many investors began to inquire about the development of e-commerce business of Jinan testing machine factory autoclaved lime sand brick testing machine Suning Appliance in the following two years. It is against this background that Suning Appliance announced the business income of e-commerce before the annual report

according to statistics, in 2012, the sales scale of Suning Appliance's business travel, recharge, lottery, group purchase and other virtual products was about 1.5 billion yuan. In addition, the sales scale of "red child" mother and baby, cosmetics and other sales businesses and open platform businesses achieved 1.62 billion yuan (including tax)

Suning's business is developing rapidly, but its competitors are no less. Data show that the growth rates of JD mall from 2007 to 2011 were 350%, 266.67%, 203.03%, 155% and 105% respectively. In 2011, the net sales of JD mall was 21billion yuan, and JD set the revenue target of 50billion yuan in 2012. Chongqing granite recently, it was reported that Taobao will also join the e-commerce team. Taobao will establish group purchase services for consumers and manufacturers to mass customize certain products

Suning Electric did not disclose the profits of its business, but the company has always been proud of its breakeven. It once accused its main competitors of burning money and believed that its model was unsustainable

Sunweimin, vice chairman of Suning Electric Appliance, believes that in the future, physical commerce and network commerce have their own advantages, and interconnection is mainly customized and long tail demand

the announcement shows that in order to develop e-commerce last year, Suning Electric made a large-scale investment and took the lead in promoting the strategy of "super electrization can be adjusted and compensated through control functions". Non electrical appliances cover books, department stores, daily necessities, drinks, etc., give full play to the characteristics of Internet, and organically combine event marketing, social media marketing, precision marketing and other marketing methods. The company played an e-commerce war with in August last year, and became the focus of public opinion for a time

all e-commerce companies are developing financial services. Suning Electric Appliance said that in 2013, the company will continue to forge ahead in the expansion of commodity categories, the improvement of user experience, and the enrichment of service content. At the same time, it will also speed up the construction of open platforms, build an enterprise development ecosystem with Suning characteristics that integrates a full product trading platform, a supply chain service platform, a logistics platform, and a financial platform, and realize the flow, number of members, conversion rate Sustained, rapid and healthy growth of sales scale and other indicators

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