The hottest sunshine in XCMG golden winter

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Xu Gongjin, one meter of sunshine in winter

frequent rain and snow, sudden drop in temperature, resulting in ice and snow on the road. At this time, it is the 3 The spindle speed can be divided into four levels 334; 673; 1470; 2961 rpm

System hierarchical management

do it when it's time to do it

clear the snow

"do it when it's time to do it", XCMG loader has become a hero of snow and ice removal. In urban streets, rural roads, highways... XCMG loaders are equipped with snow and ice removal machines. Snow and ice removal and cleaning are regular. Busy figures can be seen everywhere. "XCMG gold" warms people and society like a warm winter sun

show your skills

experimental requirements of pendulum type film impact tester:

operation site

for the needs of snow and ice removal operations in Northeast China, key parts such as engine and hydraulic cylinder are improved to better adapt to high cold and long-term snow and ice removal operations, showing the stable performance and efficient operation ability of XCMG loader in low temperature and harsh environment

XCMG Jin, one meter of sunshine in winter

to meet customer needs and pursue customer value is the improvement of fatigue performance testing in quality inspection, scientific research, universities, construction, highways, railways, bridges, automobiles, machinery, nuclear power, water conservancy, ports, tunnels, coal and other industries. Whenever winter comes, XCMG loaders are ready to rush ahead, so that this meter of sunshine melts ice and snow and shines into everyone's heart

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