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Sunplus has launched a Lin node scheme based on spmc75

Sunplus recently announced that it has launched a Lin node application scheme based on 16 bit MCU spmc75

Lin (local interconnect network) is a low-cost serial communication network, which is used to realize the control of distributed electronic systems in automobiles. The goal of Lin is to provide auxiliary functions for existing automotive networks (such as can bus). Therefore, LIN bus is an auxiliary bus network. In occasions that do not need the bandwidth and multifunction of CAN bus, such as the communication between intelligent sensors and braking devices, using LIN bus can greatly save costs. In the Lin technical specification, in addition to defining the basic protocol and physical layer, it also defines the development tools and application software interfaces. Lin communication is based on SCI (UART) data format, adopts the mode of single master controller/multi slave device, uses only one 12V signal bus, and synchronizes the clock line with a node without fixed time reference. This low-cost serial communication mode and the corresponding development environment have been standardized by Lin Association. The standardization of Lin will reduce the cost for automobile manufacturers and suppliers in R & D, application and operating system

Sunplus spmc75 Series MCU is a high-performance 16 bit general-purpose MCU designed and developed by Sunplus technology company. It has strong anti-interference performance, rich and easy-to-use resources and excellent structure, especially the enhanced timing counter and PWM output function. Spmc75 Series MCU uses Sunplus u 'NSP kernel, which is an efficient 16 bit CISC kernel. Support multiplication, multiplication accumulation, 32/16 bit division, fir and other high-performance operations; Two interrupt modes are supported. It can easily generate SPWM wave, space vector PWM (SVPWM) and other motor driving waveforms

in addition to having a high-performance CPU, spmc75 Series MCU also integrates a variety of functional modules: hard and crisp at the end of the holiday on October 1: high tensile strength and elastic modulus Jinan assaying work notification function i/o port, synchronous and asynchronous serial port, high-performance ADC, ordinary timing counter, multi-functional acquisition and comparison module, BLDC motor drive special position detection interface, two-phase incremental encoder interface PWM generator that can generate various motor driving waveforms, etc. At the same time, SP has also obtained accurate data. MC75 Series MCU has integrated 32K words flash and 2K words SRAM. Using these hardware support, spmc75 series single chip microcomputer can complete complex applications such as household electric variable frequency drive, standard industrial variable frequency drive, multi loop servo drive system and so on

price and supply:

at present, spmc75 series chips are available, which can provide a variety of packaging forms, such as qfp80, qfp64, lqfp44, sdip42, etc. at the same time, environment (unsp IDE) and motor debugging tool (DMC tool) are provided free of charge to facilitate customers' efficient product design. Please consult Lingyang SCM Promotion Center for relevant prices. For more technical support information or purchase information about spmc75 series chips, please log in or call 010-2930/2931/2932/2933 for consultation

about Sunplus Technology: they cooperate with a winery in California

Sunplus Technology Co., Ltd., the world's largest consumer IC design company, master IC circuit design and application software design technology, conduct independent research and development, and provide customers with perfect products and services with "full customer commissioned design mode", so that products have a small number of diverse and difficult to replace immediately. The company has developed diversified product lines by using sub micron technology, multimedia audio and video, single chip microprocessor, digital signal processor (DSP) and other core technologies. At present, the main products include LCD IC, microcontroller IC, multimedia IC, voice, music IC and various ASICs, which are expanding year by year. In terms of general-purpose single-chip computers, Sunplus has developed a series of 8-bit and 16 bit industrial single-chip computers represented by spmc65 and spmc75. Its reliability and anti-interference ability have reached the leading level among similar products. For more information, please visit

for relevant technical support information or purchase information of "Sunplus spmc75 series chips", please log in: or call 010 - 2930/2931/2932/2933 for consultation

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