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Sunshine Internet opens a new mode of unified communication and collaborative office for you

with the development of enterprises, the construction of enterprise informatization has developed rapidly, and collaborative office software has been popularized rapidly. With the vigorous publicity of media and manufacturers, various concepts, ideas and products have come one after another. Many domestic enterprises have also implemented collaborative office projects, and related products are also overwhelmed. However, the cognition of collaborative office is also very one-sided. It believes that collaborative office is administrative office, that is, receiving and sending documents, and that it is only the approval and management of documents. It believes that the ultimate goal of collaborative office is to turn manual into electronic, and that the implementation of Collaborative Office is very simple. This is not the case

Zhiyuan believes that collaborative office as a tube to inspect the sample gauge distance will cause a certain deviation; Its 2 management software, we must solidify some advanced management and design concepts through software to improve the value of enterprise management, otherwise for the sake of electronization, electronization will not have much management value for enterprises. Manual to electronic is only the first step of collaborative office. For the management, the joint shear performance of high molecular waterproof membrane gb/t328.23 ⑵ 007 enterprises need to spend a lot of manpower, material and financial resources to implement collaborative office. The key is to introduce software as a tool to change management to adapt to external competition and enterprise development. Therefore, collaborative office has several aspects to the core of enterprise management:

First: improve the efficiency of enterprise office, at the same time, focus on the improvement of execution

manual approval can't keep up with the development of the times in speed and efficiency, and more importantly, leaders can't effectively monitor the daily work of employees. I don't know which link, department or reason the approval of the process stagnates in. The establishment of many management systems, in the end, whether employees care about it, whether it is implemented or not, and how long it takes to implement it has not been effectively fed back, so there is no way to improve and enhance it. Therefore, the labor-intensive and resource consuming enterprises of the management have gradually transferred overseas, which is difficult to effectively implement. Then we Zhiyuan can fundamentally solve this problem according to our original binary workflow, find out which node and personnel have problems in our work, and automatically identify the initiated process conditions, so as to automatically flow and automatically select the process that meets the company's regulations for approval, which is also the characteristics of our rigid process. The process of an enterprise needs to be precipitated and will eventually be solidified. Therefore, the key to the process of an enterprise is to find the law of management through combing, precipitation and optimization. In addition to these daily approvals, the most common things we encounter in our work are transactional and temporary events. When dealing with these events, we should use our flexible processes to initiate collaboration and customize processes anytime and anywhere to complete these temporary event approvals. The rules and regulations of our company are effectively implemented through our binary workflow

second: the ultimate purpose of collaborative office is ultimately to serve the strategic development and management of enterprises.

the whole management idea of collaborative office is to take people as the core, to control the operation process of enterprises as the purpose, and to realize the standardized operation of the whole enterprise through people management. Therefore, it is different from ERP with materials as the core, finance with funds as the core and purchase, sales and inventory with logistics as the core. The core features of these business software are result oriented, fine management, and lack of process control. Collaborative office, facing organizational behavior, emphasizes the overall operation of enterprise resources. Therefore, collaborative office and these business software complement each other. So what is the ultimate goal of collaborative office? Finally, collaborative office is regarded as a platform for the daily business office of employees in different departments and positions. The data of employees' daily office is automatically summarized to the management of relevant authorities according to their authorities to generate statistical reports, so as to provide decision support for the management of the company. If the employee office data cannot be precipitated into the reports required by the management, we believe that the human centered software of collaborative office cannot effectively control the management process

third: communication and sharing of information between departments and between employees

in the manual era, departments cannot share and transmit sufficient information between departments, resulting in a lot of repetitive work. At the same time, many business needs cross department operation, and the coordination between employees urgently needs a platform to support. Zhiyuan collaborative office effectively shares the information of our enterprise through the multi space and multi dimension of the portal and the distribution of permissions, and closely connects employees across regions, organizations and departments

fourth: precipitation of knowledge and retention of traces

for any enterprise, there will be staff turnover and new employees will come in. For enterprises, the loss of employees is equal to the loss of resources, especially for employees in key business positions. Enterprises need a platform to record employees' daily core work and skills, so as to facilitate follow-up employees' rapid handover, follow-up and learning, and avoid losses to the enterprise. At the same time, enterprises need to spend a lot of money to cultivate new employees into employees who are suitable for their posts. If the traces and experience of the work of employees in the same position are shared to new employees through the collaborative office system, it will greatly shorten the training time of new employees and save the training cost of the company. After the rigid and flexible processes are completed, please do not use fuses other than those specified. These events can be archived in our document library and saved. When we need them, we can open them at any time to see the text, supplements, attachments, handling methods and handling suggestions involved in our handling of this event, so that we can learn from other employees of the company, It saves a lot of money for the company

fifth: strengthen the assessment of employees' daily behavior

many enterprises' assessment of employees are based on superficial impression, which is not conducive to retaining excellent talents. Through the Zhiyuan collaborative office system, the performance of employees generated by their daily work can be used as part of the assessment basis to conduct dynamic performance assessment of employees. To fully mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, so that enterprises can quickly accumulate needed talents in the rapid development

therefore, collaborative office is not a paperless software, but a management tool through which to implement the implementation of enterprise management system, spread enterprise culture, and promote the harmonious development of people and organizations in enterprises through the standardization of processes, the precipitation of knowledge, and the cooperation and cooperation of employees

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