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SUNIX won the annual "innovative product award" in China's industrial control and automation industry

recently, in the annual inventory of China's industrial control and automation industry in 2005, SUNIX's pciexpressi/o card won the "2005 innovative product award"

there is no doubt that computers are widely used in the field of industrial control. Computer technology itself is also progressing gradually. For example, the emergence of USB ports and u disks almost eliminated the floppy disks that were once popular. Compared with the traditional PCI bus technology, pciexpress technology has the advantages of greatly improving the speed and hot plugging, and it is believed that it will also have a significant impact on the development of industrial control computers. SUNIX's pciexpressi/o card has now formed a complete set of perfect pre-sales, sales and after-sales service system, which undoubtedly won the first opportunity in this market. SUNIX products have achieved unique success in terms of pure technology and market response, and are well deserved leading brands in the market at present

in his comments on SUNIX, judge skok said: SUNIX (Santai) has been committed to the industrial serial communication interface for more than ten years. The high-quality and complete isa/pci communication card has won high praise in the global market and has the reputation of "goldencard"; This time, continuing its strong technical strength, it took the lead in launching a full range of pciexpress rs-2322/4/8 port and rs-422/4852/4/8 port pciexpress communication card product lines, providing customers with more efficient and more integrated multi selection of emerging functional materials

it is understood that at present, the pciexp plastic recycling channel of SUNIX is not smooth. There are the following types of ressi/o cards for consumers to choose:

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attachment: SUNIX won the 2005 annual" innovative product award "trophy in China's industrial control and automation industry

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