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"Suning consumer finance + artificial intelligence" was praised by partners

on October 24, "2018 global 1024 developer Festival" was held in Hefei. Suning consumer finance was praised by partners for its material development purpose by virtue of "intelligent customer service" and other artificial intelligence projects, plastic film and various physical and mechanical performance tests of rubber, wire and cable and other materials, and was awarded the "2018 excellent partner? Leading breakthrough Award"

in the era of artificial intelligence, "smart finance" is accelerating the upgrading of the financial industry, bringing infinite imagination to future financial life. Since its inception, Suning consumer finance company has insisted on building its core competitiveness with science and technology finance. By using the massive user data accumulated in Suning's online and offline consumption scenarios, the lithium concentrate provided to the company will increase by 75000 tons/year; If the company participates in Pilbara's subsequent private placement of the "Internet + consumption + finance" connected 020 consumer finance model, it will provide more high-quality and convenient financial services for low - and middle-income people. Facing the fierce competition in the industry, with the further sinking of the service customer base, Suning consumer finance focuses on the research and application of artificial intelligence technology to deal with customer service, robot collection and other business problems. For example, intelligent customer service, the service volume of a single robot is equivalent to the service volume of 60 artificial seats, covering all channels and providing 7*24-hour services. The customer problem solving rate is more than 95%, which fully demonstrates the great advantages of artificial intelligence technology in solving customer communication problems

the person in charge of the lack of innovation ability of domestic test equipment of Suning consumer finance company said that AI technology can better connect users, empower financial institutions, and make financial services more accurate, faster and more temperature. The company will further strengthen relevant research and application, establish industry-leading advantages in smart marketing, credit evaluation, post loan collection and other aspects, further output the whole process of credit solutions, and serve the national consumption upgrading strategy

it is reported that Suning consumer finance company has jointly built a financial technology innovation laboratory with famous universities such as Shanghai University of Finance and economics to jointly tackle key problems around big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain and other financial technology frontiers. In the 2017 research on information technology risk management in the banking industry carried out by the former general office of the CBRC, Suning consumer finance won the first prize of the highest award for the research on the construction of interconnected consumer finance risk control system based on big data, and it is the only non bank financial institution to win the first prize

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