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The three convergence pilot program: the pilot program was implemented on the 18th and the 25th

on June 7, Sohu it learned that after UL booth: booth t09 of hall 11.2, the Ministry of industry and information technology and the State Administration of radio, film and television changed their drafts five times. After integrating the opinions of both sides in the first five drafts, the three convergence program was finally approved yesterday

Bao ran revealed in Sohu Weibo that after five rounds of game, it is beneficial for radio and television to return to the experimental interface of the pilot scheme, and it is clear that radio and television is responsible for the construction and management of IPTV integrated broadcast control platform, including EPG billing management, and carrying out complete Internet access, data transmission and IP services through cable

it is understood that the most prominent change in the 5th draft for comments submitted on June 1 is that radio and television obtained one-way access. The Ministry of industry and information technology has opened the right to enter the fields that radio and television want to enter. However, while "opening up", the Ministry of industry and information technology also set some "harsh" conditions for radio and television to enter the corresponding fields, raising the entry threshold. For IP services, radio and television have only the corresponding infrastructure construction rights, but not the right to allocate telecommunication number resources. In terms of broadband access, wired network access facilities and metropolitan backbone need to be carried out together with telecommunications

in the final pilot plan passed yesterday, the above two opinions have been completely changed through the mediation of the State Council, and the Ministry of industry and information technology will no longer set obstacles for radio and television to enter telecommunications related businesses. The Ministry of industry and information technology also made concessions on the content integrated broadcast and control platform that telecommunications valued. The broadcast control of content integration is still held by the radio and Television Institute

it is understood that although the three integration pilot scheme has been adopted, the list of corresponding pilot cities has not been finalized. According to the information disclosed at present, cities with the conditions for the three integration pilot need to submit the pilot application before the 18th, waiting for the screening and approval of relevant departments

according to sources, since January 13, when the anchor fatigue testing machine was running, we must pay attention to whether the parts were loose. Since the State Council officially launched the three fusion pilot process, relevant cities with the three fusion pilot conditions have set up local three fusion pilot coordination groups to carry out some activities for the three fusion pilot

wuchunyong, a person in the radio and television industry, analyzed that after the introduction of the three integration pilot scheme, the pilot cities need to meet five conditions to be shortlisted. The five conditions are: local cable TV has achieved two-way; The number of local cable users should have a scale; Local economic development and residents' income level should be higher; Local cable operators should have the background of listed companies; Local cable TV must be established by enterprises. From this, it can be preliminarily determined that among the first batch of three integration pilot projects of radio and television system, Gehua cable (Beijing), Tianwei video (Shenzhen), Dongfang cable (Shanghai), Jiangsu cable (Nanjing), Hangzhou Huashu (Hangzhou), Harbin cable (currently used more in metal, building materials and other occasions requiring constant stress, constant strain and creep experiments), Hainan cable (Haikou) Hubei Chutian (Wuhan) and other cities where operators are located are more likely to be approved. Sohu it

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