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Trends of major manufacturers in the fluid power industry in Europe and the United States

in recent years, mergers, acquisitions and other restructuring activities of foreign fluid power industrial enterprises have prevailed. In May 2000, Sauer Sundstrand of the United States, Germany and Danfoss of Denmark merged to establish Sauer Danfoss Inc. later, the company merged with Daikin Inc of Japan to produce hydraulic products for construction machinery to establish Daikin Sauer Danfoss manufacturing company and Sauer · Danfoss Daikin sales company. The company's goal is to strive for hydrostatic drive (HST) to rank first in the Japanese and Asian markets. In 2004, the company established a new factory in Japan

the sales volume of Bosch roxroth Ag in the Chinese market has increased significantly since 2002, which complements the decrease in domestic sales in Germany. The main goal of the company's acquisition of Japan's Uchida company is to enter the Chinese and Asian markets on a large scale. With regard to pneumatic components, the company cooperates with Japan's komai, aiming to occupy its due place in the international pneumatic component market. Eaton merged with the hydraulic part of Sumitomo Corporation of Japan in October 2000, and purchased the shares of Sumitomo Corporation to become its subsidiary. The company plans to establish a local company of agricultural machinery and hydraulic components in China

the main companies are introduced below to understand their development trends

1 Parker Hannifin Inc

the company is a comprehensive company of motion d control components and systems. It was established by Mr. L. Parker in 1918. Since 1924, the company has entered the hydraulic and pneumatic industry from the automobile and its related products. In 1957, he bought the cylinder and valve manufacturing department of Hannifin Inc and developed into a company with the current name. It has more than 2000 production sites in 44 countries, 48000 employees, annual sales of $6billion, 7500 sales and agency sites in the world, and 400000 customers and related units. More than 2600 kinds of main engines are composed of various hydraulic and pneumatic products, of which the automotive industry and aviation industry account for more than 1100

from 2003 to the end of June, the company's total annual sales reached US $6.4 billion, an increase of 4.3% over the previous year, the operating profit was US $37.577 million (an increase of 23.9%), and the net profit was US $196.27 million (an increase of 50.8%), taking into account the changes in the foreign exchange ratio and the acquisition/separation of enterprises, the actual sales decreased by 1%. The industrial machine market and aerospace market were severe, coupled with the increase in annuity, insurance, medical costs and other factors, The actual profits have decreased, for which more than 80 factories have been closed in the past three years

from the perspective of various industries, the demand for industrial machinery, engineering machinery and aerospace has decreased, and the agricultural machinery and air conditioning market has also been weak recently. The Aerospace Department has some good effects on its performance due to the 100 military orders of embracr 190. See Table 1.1 for specific sales volume and other data

in the past seven years, it has bought 50 enterprises (MDA) in a row, and only in the last two years, it has acquired 8 enterprises and institutions. Due to the economic downturn, the U.S. fluid power market has shrunk, but due to the purchase and merger, the size of the company is constantly expanding. In 2001, the company purchased commercial InterTech, an American commercial company that produces hydraulic components for industrial vehicles/agricultural machinery, with a total investment of US $360million and a liability of US $170million

in January, 2001, grensen hydraulics was purchased from dand Corp, a famous company producing auto parts in the United States. The company has production plants in many states and Brazil, mainly producing hydraulic pumps/motors, oil cylinders, hydraulic control valves, filters and electronic control devices for automotive and construction machinery. The output value of the company in 2000 was 128million US dollars

the purchase of the above two companies enriched the construction machinery and hydraulic machinery for vehicles, enabling the company to achieve complete supply in the drive and control fields. The purchase of gresen's factory in Brazil has increased the share of the South American market and reduced costs at the same time. In March of the same year, cummimetal company, which produces rubber metal, rubber plastic and sealing products, was purchased from Germany. At the same time, it entered the seals group. In September of the same year, it bought the pneumatic components Department of the company from inven sysplc, a famous British company, which expanded and strengthened the market supply capacity of the company in general machinery, packaging, pharmaceutical, printing and other automation equipment

in March of the same year, it also purchased fairly Arlon, a famous British filter company, and incorporated it into the company's filter Department (FIL generation group). In this way, the European filter business department of the company is strengthened. The filter sales business of fairly alon undertaken by Nippon Oil research company remains unchanged

at the end of 2000, it purchased stainless steel connectors Ltd, which produces stainless steel connectors, and incorporated it into the fluid connector group of the company to provide products for construction machinery and industrial machinery factories

at the end of 2000, the company purchased Italian s, which produces digital servo drives/systems for high-efficiency factory automation (FA). B。 C Company (S. B. C electronica S. PA Milan), incorporated into the company's electronic machinery department, has become a supply point of servo drives in North America and Europe, providing high-performance motion and control technologies and electronic drive systems to a wide range of manufacturing industries such as packaging, assembly, printing and fiber industries. The annual sales amount to 20million dollars

Parker invested 50% and sent staff to participate in the business and capital cooperation with Kuroda, a Japanese pneumatic component manufacturer, Established a new "Parker Kuroda" "Factory, the manufacturing and sales business points of pneumatic components, electric actuators, servo motors and other products in the automation field of the company have expanded to 35 countries.

in June 2001, Parker also signed an OEM cooperation with Toshiba, Japan, for high-pressure hydraulic components for construction machinery, mainly including oil pumps, hydraulic valves, rotary motors for excavators, and provided products to Parker's factories in Europe and the United States. Toshiba also plans to establish a local company in Shanghai." How to expand the sales of hydraulic components for construction machinery in China is an urgent problem to be solved by Parker

Japan's "miaoder" vacuum machine for FA also signed a trade contract with Parker to sell its products to the world through Parker. It is expected that miaoder products sold through Parker will reach 1billion yen by 2007.

Table 1.1 Parker Hannifin's performance (by the end of June 2003) Unit: thousands of dollars

Sales fiscal year 2003 fiscal year 2002 fiscal year 2001 fiscal year 2000

industrial machinery

North America 2840628 2792315 2941697 2486372

overseas 1584443 1278694 1275516 1175880

aerospace 1109566 1172608 1205624 1138328

air conditioning · industrial control 665629

others 210 , 344 905505 556767 585038

total 6410610 6149122 5979604 5385618

operating interests of different departments

industrial machinery

North America 155258141314 322786 379251

overseas 96301 60722 92561 84317

aerospace 157295 189353 218851 175710

air control · industrial control 63441

others 1158454643 418514 the 7084

total operating profit 483879 446032 675649 686362

general management fee 80147 73335 85738 58210

other amount 403732 372697 589911 628152

expenditure amount 81561 82484 95775 59183

other expenditure (income) 2478972177 (34047) 6782

pre tax interest 297382 218036 528183 652187

according to the relevant person, The company has acquired Denison, a world-renowned hydraulic company, in early 2004. Denison will be introduced in Section 4 of this article

2. Robert Bosch GmbH is the world's largest manufacturer of automotive components, motion and control products

in terms of fluid power, Bosch Rexroth, a subsidiary of motion and control technology, has many production plants, including Bosch automation, brunenhos, hydromatic, interman, Roman, mecman, Lohr Rexroth, etc

the company can provide components and systems in mechanical transmission, hydraulic and pneumatic transmission, electronic technology, control and motion technology and related technical services. There are 22 production sites and 6 business centers in Germany, subsidiaries in 36 countries in the world and sales points in 80 countries to carry out all-round business activities. With 25500 employees worldwide, the sales volume of Bosch Rexroth reached 3.62 billion euros by March 2002

parent Rexroth was founded by Mr. George Ludwig Rexroth in 1795. Initially, it mainly produced forged products and precision castings. Hydraulic products were developed by itself and officially began production in 1953. It mainly provided hydraulic components to bulldozers, and then officially began the production of hydraulic components. Hydromatik joined the company in 1972 and joined the mannesman group in 1976. In May, 2001, when the European mobile communication was reorganized, mannesman disintegrated, and the motion and control technology department in the mechanical engineering department merged with the hydraulic Department of Bosch to become the current system, that is, Bosch Rexroth group. Rexroth is a listed company, with all its shares purchased by Bosch as its subsidiary. Among its sales, Europe accounts for 67% (including Germany), the Americas for 22%, and Asia for 10%. The whole business is centered on Germany. However, recently, attention has been paid to shifting the focus to Japan, a large market for construction machinery, and the rapidly developing Chinese market

trends of cooperation in the last two years: in April, 2004, it cooperated with Panasonic electric industry in Japan on electric motors, mainly developing and producing AC motors and related control products. The emphasis is on the design and development of open-loop control system and economic system. In this cooperation, the two companies mainly focus on open-loop control/drive, which can provide products suitable for various host drives and controls. Rexroth is mainly produced in Germany's intermamtmt factory. The main demand departments of products are high-performance machine tools, printing/paper machinery, packaging/food processing machinery, semiconductor manufacturing, automotive factory automation, etc. The company's products are used in more than 31 automobile factories, more than 1000 printing machines and thousands of packaging machines all over the world

Rexroth and xiaojinjing, which currently produces pneumatic components, began OEM cooperation in June 2002 to compete with SMC, the world's largest manufacturer of pneumatic components. The automation/electronic technology products jointly produced by the company were exhibited at motok assembly/handling technology exhibition held in September 2003. In this cooperation, Rexroth's products successfully entered the Japanese market and began to enter the rapidly developing electronic/semiconductor industry, with a market share of about 15 ~ 20%

in order to expand the European market, it purchased more than half of the shares of gomendi SA, a Spanish sales company, in June 2003, realizing the subsidiary company. The two companies have carried out friendly cooperation since 1962. Now they have realized direct command, strengthened the market of assembly technology, thread forging technology and pneumatic technology, power generation equipment, etc. gomendi now has 238 employees. This subsidiary company has increased gomendi's personnel to 370 in 10 points in Spain

the lift truck application center was opened in April 2002. The company recruited a group of experts to provide

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